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General FAQ

My USB flash has failed and I don't have a backup. How do I restore my configuration?

First and foremost, you'll need to get a new flash device. Remember to get something of quality (Kingston, PNY, Lexar, and SanDisk are a few brands we've had good success with). Second, you'll need to find the e-mail with your registration key for your previous flash device. Last, you'll need to install Unraid on the new flash device, boot it up on your server, and then install the old registration key on the new flash (from the Tools > Registration page). From there you can request and then install a replacement key.

As far as your configuration goes, if you can remember your drive assignments (which disks were assigned to which slots), you should be able to simply re-assign them all and start the array. You may need to reconfigure your shares, users, and other system settings, but your data should be intact.

If you cannot remember your drive assignments, please post on the forum for further assistance (under General Support).

I need help with a build / system configuration. Where do I go?

For assistance with creating a special build for Unraid OS, we highly advise users to check out our Compulsive Design forum. Our community is fantastic about helping folks create their ultimate Unraid system.

How do I go about getting an extension for my Unraid Trial?

Simple! Simply reboot your server and navigate to the Tools > Registration page. From there you can click to request an extension. Please remember that you are only allotted up to two extensions, each for two weeks. No further extensions can be issued thereafter.