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unRAID Server is a Network Attached Storage server operating system that boots from a USB Flash device and specifically designed for digital media storage.

For a more detailed introduction see the Overview page.

unRaid OS version 5.x

Here are the Upgrade Instructions for upgrading from any release prior to 5.0 "stable".

Here are the historic 5.0 development release notes (unRAID Server Version 5.0-beta Release Notes).

Here is a list of unRAID Server Version 5 Plugins.

Having Problems?

  • Official Manual - Try the Official Manual (version 4.7 only)
  • FAQ - Read the FAQ
  • Troubleshooting - Still having problems? Follow the troubleshooting guide which will guide you to community support.

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Support pages

This wiki contains two types of content:

Official Documentation
Access the Official Documentation here
Written and proofed by the developers.
Should be considered accurate, up to date and reflective of normal use of the unRAID system.
Should be your first port of call when learning to install and operate unRAID.
These documents are only editable by unRAID developers to ensure their integrity.

User Contributed Content
Access the User Contributed Content here
User Contributed Content is written and proofed principally by the unRAID community.
Provides solutions to many problems based on actual user experiences.
It may be less accurate and diverge from normal unRAID system usage.
Enhance unRAID performance, add new features, get the most out of your unRAID investment.
Before using the User Contributed Content please read the Disclaimers.