Replace A Cache Drive

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  1. Preclear the new cache drive.
  2. Log into your server as root. Run Midnight Commander ('mc' <enter>)
  3. Navigate to your current cache drive, should be at /mnt/cache
  4. Select all .folders you've got in there using the Insert button. (.sickbeard, .sabnzbd, etc...)
  5. Make a new folder on a specific drive on your array, like /mnt/drive7/cachebackup
  6. Copy all cache drive folders to the folder you just created.
  7. Stop array
  8. Go to the Main tab in the web GUI, and use the drop down for the cache drive, at the bottom, to reassign the cache drive.
  9. start array
  10. the new cache drive will show up as unformatted, go to the bottom of the Main tab, and format the drive. This should take two seconds as you already pre-cleared the drive.
  11. With array running, log into your server as root and run Midnight Commander
  12. Copy all .folders from the /mnt/disk7/cachebackup folder you created before
  13. Stop array (will stop all your additional programs)
  14. Start array. Bob's your uncle.

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