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If you are going to export user shares via NFS, then you should create this file on your flash device:


Inside this file, put this line:

shfsExtra="-o noforget"

This will let user shares work properly with NFS, but memory usage will grow over time by 108 bytes for every file and directory referenced via user share file system. This is necessary to maintain the NFS file handles that correspond to files accessed via the user share file system and avoid "stale file handle" errors.

Another possibility is to put this line in the "extra.cfg" file instead:

shfsExtra="-o remember=330"

This will cause file handle information to expire from memory after 330 seconds. This may help reduce memory usage, but could still result in "stale file handle" errors being reported by your NFS client, depending on the client. You may experiment with different values other than 330.

After creating this file, Stop and then Start your array to have changes take effect.

Our recommendation is this. If you are going to use NFS access with user shares, go ahead and use the "noforget" version, and consider installing a little more memory. Actually 108 bytes/node is not that great, e.g., 1 million files would require "only" 108MB. If you are using NFS only with disk shares, or you are not using NFS, do not use the "noforget" or "remember" options at all.

We hope to provide a better solution to this in a future unRAID OS release.