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Mover Settings

The mover is a utility that runs periodically to move files off the cache disk an onto parity-protected data disk(s).

By default the mover is scheduled to run every day at 3:40AM. This may be changed by defining your own Mover schedule string in crontab format.

Our crontab format is roughly similar to that used by vixiecron. Individual fields may contain a time, a time range, a time range with a skip factor, a symbolic range for the day of week and month in year, and additional subranges delimited with commas. If you specify both a day in the month and a day of week, it will be interpreted as the Nth such day in the month.

Some examples:

<syntaxhighlight lang="bash">

  2. run `date` at 6:10 am every day

10 6 * * * date

  1. run every two hours at the top of the hour

0 */2 * * * date

  1. run every two hours between 11 pm and 7 am, and again at 8 am

0 23-7/2,8 * * * date

  1. run at 4:00 am on January 1st

0 4 1 jan * date

  1. run every day at 11 am, appending all output to a file

0 11 * * * date >> /var/log/date-output 2>&1 </syntaxhighlight>

To request the last Monday, etc. in a month, ask for the "5th" one. This will always match the last Monday, etc., even if there are only four Mondays in the month:

<syntaxhighlight lang="bash">

  1. run at 11 am on the first and last Mon, Tue, Wed of each month

0 11 1,5 * mon-wed date </syntaxhighlight>

When the fourth Monday in a month is the last, it will match against both the "4th" and the "5th" (it will only run once if both are specified).