UnRAID Server Version 5.0-beta5 Release Notes

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These release notes refer to installation and upgrade instructions for a major unRAID Server version change. Please be aware that all measures have been taken to ensure data integrity, but this is beta software - use at your own risk.

Upgrade Instructions


  • Only upgrade a server that has all disks enabled with valid parity: no missing disk(s), no disabled disk, etc. Verify everything is working correctly with your current release before proceeding.
  • Backup the entire contents of your Flash device before upgrading. If something goes wrong or a major problem is uncovered in the release this will make it easier for you to downgrade.
  • Record the model, serial number, and position of each of your hard disks. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is take a screen capture of the Disk Status page.
  • Disable or un-install all non-stock unRAID add-ons. Only use add-ons that have been verified to work properly with this release by the add-on author.

If you are currently running:

  • Any release before 4.7
  1. Upgrade your server to version 4.7 and verify your server boots properly into 4.7 and your configuration appears valid.
  2. Now follow instructions for upgrading from 4.7 in next section.
  • Version 4.7
  1. Prepare the flash: either shutdown your server and plug the flash into your PC or Stop the array and perform the following actions referencing the flash share on your network:
    • Copy the files bzimage and bzroot from the zip file to the root of your flash device, overwriting the same-named files already there.
    • If present, delete these files from the flash (sorry, you will have to re-enter all your users after booting this release):
      • config/passwd
      • config/shadow
      • config/smbpasswd
  2. Start the array. All disks should mount and parity should be valid.
  3. Go to Utils/New Permissions and execute that utility to change file ownership and permission settings. This is necessary for proper operation of the 5.0 security model.
  4. Go to Users page and re-enter all of your users. If you plan on using AFP with either Secure or Private security mode, you must enter at least one user because AFP does not permit the 'root' user name.
  • Version 5.0-beta1 or 5.0-beta2
  1. Follow all steps above for upgrading from 4.7 with the exception of step 3 (because presumably you already did this). Yes, you have to re-enter your users again, this is necessary for proper operation of avahi (Zeroconf, a.k.a., Bonjour).
  • Version 5.0-beta3 or 5.0-beta4
  1. Prepare the flash: either shutdown your server and plug the flash into your PC or Stop the array and perform the following actions referencing the flash share on your network:
    • Copy the files bzimage and bzroot from the zip file to the root of your flash device, overwriting the same-named files already there.
  2. Start the array. All disks should mount and parity should be valid.

Installation on a New Flash Device

To make a bootable USB Flash device using Windows (XP/Vista/Win7), follow these steps:

  1. Plug your USB Flash device into your Windows PC.
  2. Open 'My Computer' (XP) or 'Computer' (Vista/Win7) and right-click your Flash device. Click 'Format...', set the volume label to UNRAID and then click 'Start'. Important: the volume label must be set exactly to UNRAID (all caps).
  3. Click on your Flash device (to open it) and drag then entire contents of the unRAID Server zip file to the Flash.
  4. For Windows XP, click on the file 'make_bootable'. A DOS window will open and run the 'syslinux' utility on the Flash. For Windows Vista or Windows 7, right-click on the file 'make_bootable' and select 'Run as administrator'.
  5. Once again, right-click your Flash device in 'My Computer' or 'Computer' and then click 'Eject'. Your Flash device is now ready to boot into unRAID Server OS.

Change Log

unRAID Server Version 5.0-beta5b Release Notes

Please refer to http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php?title=UnRAID_Server_Version_5.0-beta5_Release_Notes

Change Log

Changes from 5.0-beta5a to 5.0-beta5b

Bug Fixes:
- driver: fix detecting UPGRADE_DISK case.
- webGui: fix problem saving changed disk security settings.

Changes from 5.0-beta5 to 5.0-beta5a

Bug Fixes:
- webGui: fixed problem causing segfault on start-up if Default spin down delay was set to anything other than "never".

Changes from 5.0-beta4 to 5.0-beta5

Bug Fixes:
- webGui: no more <defunct> processes resulting from computing share disk usage.
- webGui: fixed issue where killing background process was killing entire webGui (emhttp).
- webGui: properly handle 4K-aligned partitions on drives with any size HPA
- indexer: fixed problem where files with special chars, such as ' (single quote) display with 0 size.

- webGui: (big change) dump concept of "slot".
- webGui: remove Disk Devices page and integrate device assignment into Device Status page.
- webGui: added 'Identify' button on Array Status page, visible when array is Stopped.
- webGui: support hot plug of hard drives when array is Stopped (limited h/w testing).
- webGui: use smartctl program to enable SMART and get disk temperatures instead of ioctl()'s.
- webGui: use hdparm program to query spinning status instead of ioctls()'; now all device type specific code is gone.
- webGui: get rid of no-longer-needed 'New Slots' utility
- mover: only log files actually moved; remove 'sync' command from end of script.
- slack: update smartmontools to version: 5.40 2010-10-16 r3189.
- slack: change system default locale to "en_US.UTF-8" and include those locale files in /usr/lib/locale.
- kernel: added xHCI HCD (USB 3.0) support

Changes from 5.0-beta3 to 5.0-beta4

Bug Fixes:
- fix problem recognizing certain disk devices (no longer use udev "by-path", instead use /sys/dev/block identifiers for slot identifiers).
- slack: upgrade udev to release 165.
- driver: eliminate code in driver to get disk model/serial/size, instead use new i/f to pass slot info to driver.
- driver: preliminary changes to support large (>2TB) hard drives [various 32-bit vars changed to 64-bit].
- webGui: fixed issue displaying user access list in AFP/SMB security settings
- webGui: fixed problem where user share creation wasn't honoring included/excluded disk(s) mask
- webGui: fixed problem with 'NewPerms' utility; also fixes for 'share_size' for share names with spaces
- webGui: fixed issue assign NFS 'fsid' values.
- webGui: misc. cosmetic changes

Changes from 5.0-beta2 to 5.0-beta3

New Features:
- AFP now working.
- Advanced Format drive support added (just like 4.7 except "Default partition format" is "MBR: 4K-aligned".
- New config setting to exclude selected disks from Users Shares.
- Added 'Log' button to webGui menu bar to dynamically 'tail' the system log.
- Added automatic link generation of page titles to corresponding unRAID Wiki help pages.

Bug Fixes:
- webGui: fix problem using 'default.png' icon for pages without an explicit icon file
- webGui: fix CIFS settings not showing up for Flash share.
- webGui: don't present 'delete' checkbox on share edit page if share is not empty.
- webGui: output 'clear' and 'copy' progress to "progressFrame".
- webGui: fix inconsistencies in add/rename user shares
- driver: fix rare unraid driver kernel oops (protect md cmd/status interface with semaphore).
- shares: fix bug where permissions were set on objected pointed-to by newly created symlink.
- shares: fix problem causing SMB/Win7 to report "too many open files"
- network: do not store HWADDR in 'config/network.cfg'
- nfs: set explicit NFS 'fsid' assignment for disk shares, and make 'fsid' values persistent for user shares.

- slack: upgrade core to 13.1
- slack: include 'infozip' package for zip/unzip support.
- slack: get rid of ifplugd, no more beeping when Ethernet cable is plugged in/out but a plugin could be created to do this
- kernel: upgrade to
- kernel: support up to 8 cores
- kernel: add LSI MPT Fusion SAS 2.0 device driver
- kernel: change supported hwmon components to modules instead of built-in
- kernel: add 'asus_atk0110' kernel module
- kernel: added Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 support (can't specifiy for unraid yet though).
- kernel: added Prolific PL2303 USB Serial driver
- samba: upgrade to 3.5.6
- samba: answer only on port 139 (and no longer on 445).  This seems to eliminate "peer connection failed" messages.
- webGui: treat 'flash' as device on Main page
- webGui: changed default workgroup name from "Mshome" to "WORKGROUP"
- webGui: provide check box next to Check button letting user select Correct or Not Correct parity errors; default Check following unclean shutdown is now the Not Correct variety
- webGui: in config controls where user enters a block count, support "MB", "GB", and "TB" suffixes
- webGui: numerous cosmetic changes and fixes

Changes from 5.0-beta1 to 5.0-beta2

New Features:
- NFS now working.
- Function on the Shares page to compute disk spaced used by a share. Information is cleared when you navigate to a different page.
- Simple file browser.
- emhttp event callout - see /usr/local/emhttp/emhttp_event

Bug Fixes:
- Cache disk device handling was broken.
- Share 'floor' value was always getting set to 0.
- Correctly handle a user with UID 1000.
- Allow only 'root' to be able to log in.
- Other misc fixes.

- Use 'rmmod' instead of 'modprobe -rw' to remove the unRAID driver.
- Support 'shadow' password file (note: if 'flash' share is exported, shadow password file is still visible).
- Changed webGui CSS 'width:775' to 'min-width:775', eliminate 'hover' high-lighting in disk and share status tables (change to alternating grey/light-grey rows) & updated banner image courtesy bubbQ.
- Other numerous CSS tweaks.
- Include 'pcre' library (Perl-compatible regular expression library)
- PHP package changes:
  - include pcre support.
  - compile with "large file support"
- Include 'makepkg' and 'pkgtool'.
- Use WeeboTech's modified 'pre' script.
- Added /etc/unraid-version file.
- Lots of tweaks to the page template system.

Changes from 4.5.6 to 5.0-beta1

New Features:
- New extensible webGui architecture.  Pages are rendered with PHP, but other methods are possible.
- New security model.
- Security is now available in 'Basic' verion.  The feature differences between the different license key types are as follows:
  Basic - support 3 array drives, no cache, no Active Directory support
  Plus  - support 6 array drives plus cache drive, no Active Directory support
  Pro   - support 21 array drives plus cache drive, Active Directory support

- Beta-1 release does not have all functionality yet:
  No NFS.
  No AFP.
  No FTP.
  No Active Directory (actually may work, not tested).
  No "official" plugin scheme designed yet (this will be done with help from Community).
  No event hooks for plugins (again, will be implemented with input from Community).

- Way too numerous to list. Only minor changes in the unRAID driver itself, so data transfer integrity should be safe.