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under construction - this is a stopgap solution until better arrives

Announcement! A new method for reporting and tracking issues has been set up in the new forum board unRAID OS 5.x Issue List. Please use that instead!

Deprecated and obsolete methods of bug tracking

Several UnRAID forum threads have mentioned the need for better bug tracking, with several solutions proposed. I thought I would start this until something better is set up, because 'something is better than nothing'.

Some suggested bug tracking alternatives:

Suggested template for this page:
# Bug_name

  • bullet-ted notes, such as links to related threads, fixed by what version, and links to a verification of fix
  • optional short description - optional links_to_defining_forum_thread (optional date entered)
  • optional additional notes

Additional notes and comments:

  • Bugs listed in reverse order, 3 then 2 then 1
  • Always insert the newest bug at top, using next available number
  • Use strikeout around bug name when verified fixed (use <del> and </del>)
  • Later, fixed bugs can be moved to an archive page, to keep this one easily readable
  • (Experimental) Color has been added to demonstrate severity
    • Critical - Any bug generally considered to be a 'blocker'
    • Serious - Any confirmed bug considered to be serious
    • Resolved - Bugs that have been fixed, and the fix has been verified
    • Other - All other bugs, including those that have not yet been confirmed/replicated, those deemed harmless, etc; and any others not yet fully understood
    • Needs attention - a plea for attention!
  • This bug listing is completely dependent on user contributions, both in keeping this up-to-date and in doing the necessary testing and bug fix verification.
  • Unsure of how to edit a wiki page? Please check out the Start Contributing page. It's easy!


Announcement! A new method for reporting and tracking issues has been set up in the new forum board unRAID OS 5.0-rc in the new forum section Release Support . To learn more, please read this ... The IssueList will probably be removed.

Note :  additional fixed bugs not listed here may be seen in the Release Notes, primarily since v5.0-rc3
Note2:  sadly, many of the links to posts within the RC3 thread are now wrong, perhaps renumbered?

20. Slow writes on certain motherboards

  • Discussed here and in RC10 thread
  • Currently seems related to Ram size, and there are workarounds
  • May not be fixable? May not be fixed because of workarounds?

19. MBR overwritten

  • This is Joe L's bug #3, found here
  • Discussed here
  • Would be a critical bug, but not sure that it has been confirmed?
  • Unsure if fixed?

18. Writes to a disk being reconstructed may be lost

  • Discussed where?
  • Fixed in the 5.0 beta series (specific version fixed?)
  • This is Joe L's bug #1, found here
  • Can anyone verify that it is fixed?

17. Disabled disk state not saved

  • Fixed in v5.0-rc10
  • Can anyone verify that it is fixed?

16. Wrong key file used

15. Unable to start after upgrading to RC10

  • Multiple posts/users in RC10 thread
  • Was related to Syslinux update, see here
  • Requires users to run make_bootable, and required updated instructions
  • Nothing to fix but the instructions

14. "title not found" syslog message

  • Reported here
  • Tom said "Harmless bug, I'll fix for 'final'"
  • Fixed in v5.0-rc10-test
  • Can anyone verify that it is fixed?

13. Permissions for FTP access

  • Discussed here
  • Tom said "I'll fix that for final"
  • Also discussed here and here

12. Dupe files in User Shares

  • Discussed where?
  • This is Joe L's bug #2, found here
  • Fixed by v5.0-rc8
  • Can anyone verify that it is fixed?

11. Auto start setting lost or reset

  • Discussed where?
  • Fixed in v5.0-rc5
  • Can anyone verify that it is fixed?

10. FTP - Not showing files, only shares & disks

  • Confirmed by many people - FTP server is working, however files are not showing
  • Summarized here
  • Fixed as of v5.0-rc9, but see bug 13 (explained here)

9. Mover - segfault in libc

  • Multiple posts in -rc3 thread, here, here, and here
  • Unconfirmed
  • Can anyone verify that it is fixed?

8. AFP bug - temporary CNID's

  • Discussed here and here
  • Can anyone verify that it is fixed?

6. No space increase on user share after adding new disk

  • Discussed here
  • Potential fix in v5.0-rc3[1], pending verification
  • Can anyone verify that it is fixed?

5. Sending ioctl 2285

  • Harmless but annoying syslog message
  • May be a bug in the mail notifications in Simple Features
  • Discussed here and explained here

4. Realtek driver issues

  • Various links
  • Patch added in v5.0-rc3[2], may potentially fix all or some of Realtek issues, pending verification
  • Believed resolved finally with v5.0-rc10
  • Unless new issues appear, this one will be closed soon

2. NFS issues

  • Reported in several posts in latest RC releases
  • Workarounds and discussion mentioned here and here
  • Some specifics here
  • Some testing here
  • Can anyone verify that it is fixed?

Issue Archive

7. Spindown after certain clock corrections

3. Spurious spindowns

  • Discussed here (other posts in same thread too)
  • More cases here, here, here, and here
  • May be 2 separate issues (on clock reset, during parity check)
  • Spindown on clock reset spun off to bug 7
  • Fixed in v5.0-rc3, verified here and in a few other posts

1. LSI Controller issues

  • Fixed in v5.0rc2, fix verified by several users in this thread