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There should be a link to: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=16068.msg148787#msg148787

Or at least additional instructions for the "5 How do I remove a hard disk that I don't plan on replacing?"

2011-12-10 RobJ - It is great to see others taking an interest in improving the UnRAID FAQ! Unfortunately the associated page 'UnRAID Manual - FAQ' is considered defunct. This page was the original, written by Tom when the UnRAID Wiki was first started. There were obviously so many more questions though, that the user community took it over and created the FAQ page. Tom's page was a part of what was considered 'Official', because it was written by him, whereas everything added since is considered 'Unofficial' because user-written, which is why we did not just modify his, but created a separate page.

The question you refer to (FAQ#How_do_I_remove_a_hard_disk_that_I_do_not_plan_on_replacing.3F) has been expanded substantially, but at a quick glance still could use some clarification, especially the first sentence. Please feel free to have a go at clarifying and improving it, or any other part of the FAQ.