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unRAID is a fully commercial product, but because it is mostly open source, it enjoys the benefit of having an active user community.

However the separation between commercial (Lime Technology LLC) and community (forum members) support options often confuses users as to what route to take, when help is needed.

This is a community document (user written) intended to clarify support routes and timescales, based on real world observations.

Commercial Support

Technical and licensing support is available ONLY via email.

It is the community's experience that emails are typically answered in less than 1-2 days. However there is evidence that while some requests are answered almost immediately, others can take 2 or more weeks.

No known SLA or warranty statements exist (i.e. unRAID does not come with any documented guarantees of support as part of your purchase).

Please note that while the wiki and forums are the commercial property of Lime Technology LLC, they should not be used for commercial support. The Lime Technology LLC presence on the wiki and forums is sporadic and no prompt commercial support should be expected. There are no known instances of censorship by Lime Technology LLC.

Official Lime Technology LLC statements on support can be read at

Community Support

Community support is available ONLY via the forum.

The community is large and active - typically answering questions within hours - 24*7*365.

Historically the level of expertise and advice delivered via the forums can be considered excellent, however please note that, as with all public forums, the validity of responses cannot be guaranteed.

Lime Technology LLC has expressed high confidence in the community, but should you be in any doubt - please use commercial support email.

Addons and Plugins

Many addons, plugins, and helpful user scripts exist for unRAID, but they are ALL written and supported by the unRAID community ONLY. Currently there are NO official addons. As such, alterations to the stock unRAID are only supported by the community.

If you are experiencing a problem and are running any addons/plugins, they should be temporarily removed to check if your issue is resolved without them.

Please revert to a standard install without addons/plugins before contacting Lime Technology LLC for support. It is in everyone's interests that you not contact Lime Technology LLC for support while running any community modifications.

Lime Technology LLC

The general consensus is that Lime Technology LLC is at its core a one man company.

As such you should expect occasional but extended periods of time where the owner/developer will not be available. This is best summarized by a direct forum user quote:

"while your question may get answered promptly, the developer isn't always available so you may not get an answer at all"

It is hard to quantify specifics as no ticket system exists that gives the community visibility of turnarounds. However there have been a number of instances where Lime Technology LLC has not been seen on the forum for 1-3 months at a time. During these hiatuses, the timescales on Lime Technology LLC response times increase, indicating some support cases are being missed or delayed. However it is felt that even in these periods most cases are still handled promptly.

Typically these hiatuses are directly followed by the release of a significant upgrade.

It is important to recognize that under normal conditions (i.e. not within a hiatus period), almost all users are VERY happy with the levels of commercial support.