Removing the Gigabyte HPA

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This is intended to help users with removing the Gigabyte HPA, needs contributors!
  • Preface defining it, with links to history of HPA issue, Topical Index link
  • How to identify a Gig HPA
  • Why you need to backup files first, from the target drive
  • Why you need to power off first, and after command
  • Using the HDPARM -N method, from Joe's posts with small mods
  • If that does not work, then how to prepare for and use the HDAT2 method (with links), (and screen shots?)
  • Also how to use SeaTools to "Set capacity to MAX"
  • Comments about drive rebuild, ReiserFS resizing
  • Running a full parity check
Important, needs testers to verify all steps

Perhaps a links section at bottom?