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Cache Settings

This section is present on the Share Settings page when user shares are enabled, and a cache disk is present and formatted.

Min. free space specifies the minimum amount of free space that must exist on the Cache disk in order for the user share file system to create objects on the Cache disk. If there is less than this amount of free space then the object will be created on the array instead.

You enter a numeric value in this field, optionally followed by one of these suffixes: KB, MB, GB, or TB. If a suffix is omitted, then the value is taken to mean a count of 1024-byte blocks. Examples:

20GB => (20 Giga-Bytes, or 20,000,000,000 bytes).

20000000 => (20,000,000 disk blocks, or 20,480,000,000 bytes).

When the cache disk is not enabled, it will may still be exported and accessed like any other disk share, but any top-level directories will not be folded into user shares. In addition, the mover will be disabled.

Why would one want to disable the cache disk?

  • Though each share as a separate control for enabling use of the cache disk, this is a handy way to disable it's use for all shares temporarily.
  • You may want to disable the mover temporarily.

What should I set Min. free space to?

  • This should be set larger than the largest amount of data you expect to transfer to a share before the next scheduled invocation of the mover.
  • At least, it should be set higher than the largest single file you may transfer to the share.
  • If you are using the cache disk for other purposes, you may need to take those purposes into consideration and set it even higher.