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Rules for User name:

  • First character of a username must be a lower-case letter, or the underscore '_' character.
  • Subsequent characters of a username may be lower-case letters, underscore, or dash '-' character.
  • The very last character of a username is permitted to be a dollar sign '$'
  • Maximum total length is 32 characters

Put another way (straight from the code of 'useradd' linux utility):

  • User/group names must match [a-z_][a-z0-9_-]*[$]

Description can be any text, maximum length is 64 characters.

Password can be any combination of upper/lower case letters, digits, and punctuation. Maximum length is set to 40 characters.

If you're getting a "failed to add entry for user" error, check the description. Make sure there are no odd characters such as quotes or colon.