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This article is draft. All sections need checking and expanding

PS3mediaserver is a DLNA compliant Upnp media server, written in Java. It can stream or transcode many different types of media file, with minimum configuration. It is backed up with the powerful Mplayer/FFmpeg packages.


Download the files

(links checked 12/5/10)

PS3 Mediaserver

Linux stable release (1.10.5):

Configuration files


Supporting packages




Java runtime environment:

Other files that may be useful/required (see below)

Linux unstable release (1.20.409 BETA):


Additional Mencoder libraries: TBC

Install the files on the flash drive

  1. Create a custom folder at the root level of the flash drive (if one does not exist).
  2. Create a PS3 Mediaserver folder – named, for example ps3ms – in the custom folder
  3. Unzip the pms-linux-1.10.5.tgz to get "pms-linux-1.10.5.tar", then unzip it to get a folder "pms-linux-1.10.5" copy the content of the folder directly into the ps3ms folder
  4. Place the PMS.conf,, and jre-6ull-i586-1.tgz files into the ps3ms folder.
  5. Create a new folder called mencoder in the ps3ms folder
  6. Unzip the contents into the mencoder folder.
  7. Place the ffmpeg-0.5-x86 64-2alien.tgz and MPlayer-r29301-i486-1alien.tgz files in the mencoder folder.

Edit the go script

Add the following to your go script to start up PS3mediaserver.

# PS3 Media Server
cd /boot/custom/ps3ms
installpkg jre-6u11-i586-1.tgz
cd /boot/custom/ps3ms/mencoder
installpkg *.tgz
cd /boot/custom/ps3ms

Then restart the unRAID server.

Testing and troubleshooting the installation

1) type ‘java' in the terminal

Java should run, you see some help information like command line switches. If not, you may need to add a command to your go script such as: export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/java

2) type ‘mencoder’

it should run, and show some help info like "no file given", if it barks about missing libraries, you need to find them. For example:

  • liboil-0.3.14-i486-1alien.tgz
  • alsa-lib-1.0.17a-i486-1.tgz
  • libXau-1.0.4-i486-1.tgz

3) type ‘ffmpeg’

it should show some kind of message like "ffmpeg version 0.5 copyright" etc...

Some systems need to use ffmpeg-0.5-i486-1alien.tgz to get it to run (instead of ffmpeg-0.5-x86_64-2alien.tgz)

4) Reboot the unRAID server

Start up your PS3 and now it should see it when you go to Videos on the XMB.


Play some files and see if you need to make edits to your PMS.conf file. Here is an example PMS.conf:

thumbnails = true
alternativeffmpegpath =
mencoder_ass = false
folders = /mnt/user/Videos,/mnt/user/Pictures,/mnt/user/Music
audiobitrate = 640
mencoder_usepcm = true
mencoder_mt = true
tsmuxer_preremux_pcm = true
mencoder_remux_ac3 = true
thumbnail_seek_pos = 30
nbcores = 2
usecache = true
mencoder_encode = keyint=3:vqscale=3:vqmin=5

The folders line will need to change to fit your own user shares.

The last line mencoder_encode sets the quality of the video playback. These settings can be tweaked if you are getting choppiness in playback. For 720p videos, try 1, 1, 2 for values. For 1080p, you masy need to lower the quality to 3, 3, 5. It all depends on your hardware and media.

Known issues


Systems reported to work with PS3 Media Server on unRAID

  • PS3
  • Kindle Fire with Skifta, streaming directly to MoboPlayer
  • Others?

See also

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