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WARNING: The documentation nested inside this page is severely outdated and not proofed by the developers of Unraid OS. Proceed with caution.

If you are running any release of unRAID v4 or v5, then you want the older documentation, please go to Unofficial Documentation - old.

Warning! This has not been fully updated for v6!

Welcome to the User Contributed Content section of the wiki.

These documents are all submitted by ordinary users, Unraid community members. Some are more expert than others, but each can contribute, for the benefit of all.

Here you can find:

  • Answers to common questions provided by knowledgeable Unraid users.
  • Saves hours of forum reading by finding many answers all in one place.

All users are encouraged to document any information they believe relevant here. Even the most trivial detail will likely help someone else. Here's a great quote from the Wiki Help :

The number one rule of wiki editing, is to be bold. Dive in and make changes. 
Other people can correct mistakes later, so have confidence, and give it a try! 
There can be all kinds of editing conventions, rules, and philosophy governing 
the editing of wiki pages, but the "be bold" rule overrides these!

So why not Start Contributing?

The following links will help you navigate to the appropriate information:

  • Learn More
    • FAQ - Questions? If you don't find it in the FAQ, why not add it yourself
    • Unraid Topical Index - A comprehensive guide to specific topics - somewhat incomplete (old!)
  • Having Problems? Need Help?
    • Need help? Read me first!
    • Troubleshooting - Help for problems with your Unraid system
    • Support - What support can you expect, where can you get it, clarifications on Community vs. Commercial? (old!)
    • Unraid Support Forums - The Unraid forums are a great source of help, for searching, for asking, and for helping others
    • IRC Channel - This channel seems to be closed due to lack of interest. Do not count on being able to use this channel for help.
  • Want to do more with your Unraid box?
    • Unraid Blog page - check out some news, updates, videos, events, and stories from across the Unraid community.!
    • How-To's - Assorted How-To's written by expert users to help other users
    • Methods of user customization - Advanced topics such as custom kernels, adding packages, VMware, etc (old!)
  • Want to contribute to this wiki (anyone can)?
  • Benchmarks, Gallery and Reviews
    • User Benchmarks - Wondering how your system compares with others? (old!)
    • 5x3 and 4x3 Cages - Reviews on one of the more common hardware components of Unraid systems (old!)


The content of this wiki is, as a whole or partly, created and edited by the users, 
and Lime-Technology is not responsible nor liable for the content.