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MD5SUMs for the released zip files.

  • The latest downloads are found here.

Links to torrents for the latest release are sometimes provided. They may not last for long, may be changed at any time. Primary credit for these goes to WeeboTech!

An excellent and free Windows tool for checking these MD5 hash values is HashOnClick from 2BrightSparks, makers of the excellent SyncBack tools. Download the freeware version, install it, and you can copy the MD5 below to the clipboard, and right-click on your downloaded zipped file of an unRAID release, and it will quickly inform you if the MD5 matches the clipboard value (no long string to type or carefully compare).

IMPORTANT WARNING: Until this page is locked to public editing, anyone can change these MD5 hash values. It is constantly monitored however, and tampering will be corrected as quickly as possible. (And justice will be meted out to tamperers!)

8AA04A25A375A497DB9B84A8B574AC81  unRAID Server 5.0-rc16c
8CF06ADA9FD1D28AE0ECBB33F128080B  unRAID Server 5.0-rc16b
4289035A041FE2DFCBB0C3BB39628589  unRAID Server 5.0-rc16a
AA1EF29CA4FB2068A069591AB313C421  unRAID Server 5.0-rc16
3A888B0C03A31863E19F72482EEFC863  unRAID Server 5.0-rc15a
72541E61A4F131A4F723445084BB744B  unRAID Server 5.0-rc15
28614DFEE37619D08F88BC48266863E3  unRAID Server 5.0-rc14
66DD794DA2A64C03085740C674154002  unRAID Server 5.0-rc13
8A16A1D0930B1065E22A9AA64F5471AB  unRAID Server 5.0-rc12a
5002C42C44FE5C5756149C986043FA4D  unRAID Server 5.0-rc12
F399C3FC202700E470BC937B366A36CC  unRAID Server 5.0-rc11a
D02409C3677525312CA3A1DF4F665097  unRAID Server 5.0-rc11
58FADE2D78B11B77BF0FBBA06903F421  unRAID Server 5.0-rc10-test
27FFC2237614B1B326317C0141E10783  unRAID Server 5.0-rc10
0736035C72F3CEAE838F589A530A7A0A  unRAID Server 5.0-rc9a
E1A38CCC70BFBACABA9CCF3E018A383C  unRAID Server 5.0-rc9
94FD3625D6F5CE2BC8277475650A20D4  unRAID Server 5.0-rc8a
B2888D8B0EB2ED55E480476C89C61D92  unRAID Server 5.0-rc8
667AEFAB9ABE882F5892B43862D15F40  unRAID Server 5.0-rc7
635439AB796D695427BBE49D5DCCEF09  unRAID Server 5.0-rc6-r8168-test2
41FDE527F0BDFA9D9FDDED524D21DDDA  unRAID Server 5.0-rc6-r8168-test
21FD897116F808CF14C48F123C40F8A8  unRAID Server 5.0-rc5-r8168
2c7696121801a53e85f4f5bf0107387a  unRAID Server 5.0-rc5
F4E7BAA6D4E4672B98BAABFF2FA513AC  unRAID Server 5.0-rc4
2F39BCECBFF50E49E8FA9FC7B50C9AB6  unRAID Server 5.0-rc3
106E257017A9BA97829011CA84D9F06D  unRAID Server 5.0-rc2
7F83AD3934BE45E71A6CEE9DE030FFA8  unRAID Server 5.0-rc2-test
9471F7CA0154F64A9528D8C47BE5C415  unRAID Server 5.0-rc1
A0EDEA55DBE52BC01DA8E23C8C72DA34  unRAID Server 5.0-beta14
1A08082621004A1AFF833581EE9E414D  unRAID Server 5.0-beta13
579FEA34373314BE28A591E093A170C2  unRAID Server 5.0-beta12a
67305DF2488C1AD5A84F8468F91A84AE  unRAID Server 5.0-beta12
5FCF910ABC3896533E407F94270C84A5  unRAID Server 5.0-beta11
78558E621D010EC168A3C31898E3BA9B  unRAID Server 5.0-beta10
1458F647953E784F4FCFC692B71B9873  unRAID Server 5.0-beta9
F7FAB64883A4B8AE849544A6B41D953A  unRAID Server 5.0-beta8d
3FFE71C144FF44349BEFE4306922B714  unRAID Server 5.0-beta8c
DAF934E2ABF94693BE26C7E633599693  unRAID Server 5.0-beta8b
DEA36F21EBA6A8F66BF0FE9B0B269912  unRAID Server 5.0-beta8a
127A46F73DB7281F7201171F3CAF2D92  unRAID Server 5.0-beta8
4EE170D50BEA2A17AB855D859B6701DE  unRAID Server 5.0-beta7
5BF7883068C0E0D3EFB4D44052F88CB9  unRAID Server 5.0-beta6a
8B3462FF3F430E1A66A9D5D035B59BCF  unRAID Server 5.0-beta6
D6578E3CCDDC825C545B1DE9CC9B34FC  unRAID Server 5.0-beta5b
E684FEA98BF96F1DE7B3CFD04D145F62  unRAID Server 5.0-beta5a
????????????????????????????????  unRAID Server 5.0-beta5
484E006E17B7A268A9B49799AE3F4507  unRAID Server 5.0-beta4
611A919DCB8A2D3783A1F621B3C06A04  unRAID Server 5.0-beta3
DA9CCB8969AB71C87654DB4218786CD0  unRAID Server 4.7
44136539294AD97621102AF3FE94441A  unRAID Server 4.7-beta1
2F20B7DB216862A84902E5E2B96908F6  unRAID Server 4.6
F19DC03E683EC4A60B979EB0B0ABD98A  unRAID Server 4.6
CC796F1D09C09351B490388462B63FDB  unRAID Server
503D104699235EE6A1B4661DDA932E34  unRAID Server
96508082351E56E6D40825BED46AE928  unRAID Server
6C82B7221EFF26C2155A41852DE729E2  unRAID Server
????????????????????????????????  unRAID Server
????????????????????????????????  unRAID Server
345808BA6643B1D89350242690CD5FCD  unRAID Server
B1B9E61A0C5252C9BE5EF628F181F158  unRAID Server
ABAF4ADB050B93D56FE70ABFC2D0C6B8  unRAID Server
14EDFDE461F2379677393BA13382A7BE  unRAID Server
7AC7C5F0128CDD30F9276BCD753E77D4  unRAID Server
B4DBBB98CFC061FA2FC399C6767AE7B9  unRAID Server
F341B9392F0E28C0D8BC27011C60F580  unRAID Server
BF89FA9F929282F486F921EAF333B0E7  unRAID Server
B01396E2249251400E045F0678CF9504  unRAID Server
AD83D2E77C01FADDE1026A72F77CA135  unRAID Server
768FAB04E7CC64CA51B12F134F45495B  unRAID Server
74BA802AF773456FB84008F479C1E1C1  unRAID Server
cabb5e4d374adbe9bef1ccbccddf710c  unRAID Server
345808BA6643B1D89350242690CD5FCD  unRAID Server
9f68d3e8ea849e2a3a0eed9f9fa4cccb  unRAID Server
7821EA4DD891EFA5C02FF35B2D29B7A8  unRAID Server
77fa7a710b1d0b7431a28945c84fbdaa  unRAID Server
d0454a8f8dfd5e29e57628899a971d28  unRAID Server
9f650a99ad5bbd96f80b1aba1da37844  unRAID Server
02A6E6B9A068A5E71AA2945B864420DA  unRAID Server
9A183DF38B57F1D36BC20B996181181C  unRAID Server
DC27E52AB140B4542AD06991A7DF331F  unRAID Server
18B894C5865D5B8CF0D91C64E27F4DBE  unRAID Server
36420656b756151c7f1011af31aaceee  unRAID Server
AC15C4B7E99F498B16EFCD0B15944AEA  unRAID Server
EFAEE806A804DE3364C976431FB99875  unRAID Server
7376F19E24EADD7398B47FF3BA96B01D  unRAID Server
1C14BD105ABA21D216BF84ACEE368950  unRAID Server
c0f080ac553d3ef03b5cf022a67d6012  unRAID Server
408aca57708667c703bb1e24015044fc  unRAID Server
673adff528a105f47cffad494957ef05  unRAID Server
a511552d24e805e28138e7fd07982dc0  unRAID Server
BFE490DDB233BBEB46FB29942125C407  unRAID Server
C3CAE9894A4AA87AAB8EF59CDF9C485C  unRAID Server
006b4d9ba5386d4a32f31b78f8ca0d7f  unRAID Server
6e62c720d269d01d3dbed5ca2e589a5e  unRAID Server
27E2AEAC2FCCD48A3C24366AA7C65BA7  unRAID Server
00EF648B67B73A48A48E1A3CA0CA48CD  unRAID Server
1D7B7EE669566875F1F636EE1EDDBA6A  unRAID Server
E9440674A76342B4212A2628A159A2E8  unRAID Server
7805DDA3DFC4B7A267107396A061B471  unRAID Server
75978C5D4AFE4A82A48BC3D18C7912B9  unRAID Server
74296276D83F434159A27BE8075505CF  unRAID Server
27BC27EEB4EFD6224F7B3423DB7F7A0E  unRAID Server
AD152089899BAB5836D54009C158111F  unRAID Server

Release Time Line

Links to the forum release announcements and notes are included. The release notes may contain additional detail and explanation of the changes, as well as installation instructions. The announcement thread usually includes posts by users confirming successful installation and operation with the release, as well as any problems or quirks noted. Recently, the Release Notes have been separated from the Release Announcement, and stored in the unRAID Wiki. Links to both are provided below in the Change Log section.

Change Log

Note: A link to the actual release notes is usually included, but if not, they are listed and linked above. The release notes may contain additional detail and explanation of the changes, as well as installation instructions. The subsequent thread usually includes posts by users confirming successful installation and operation with the release, as well as any problems or quirks noted.

Changes in 6.1.0

Release Announcement for v6.1.0 _____ 2015-08-31

Security Advisory updates

  • gnutls: (SSA:2015-233-01)
  • ntp: 4.2.8p3 (SSA:2015-188-03)
  • openssl: 1.0.1p (SSA:2015-190-01)

Change Log

  • avahi: suppress "Invalid response packet from host" messages
  • btrfs-progs: version 4.1.2
  • docker: less verbose logging by default
  • docker: version 1.7.1
  • emhttp: bridge forward delay configurable
  • emhttp: disk share export Yes/No/Auto support
  • emhttp: fix problem not able to start multiple btrfs scrubs
  • emhttp: get rid of passing arbitrary commands in URL
  • emhttp: let Pro start regardless of attached device count
  • emhttp: let Trial support disks in any slots
  • emhttp: properly handle non-rotational devices standby mode (ie, 'spindown')
  • emhttp: properly handle requests from localhost (IP address
  • emhttp: require credentials on all accesses, not just webGui pages
  • libvirt: version 1.2.18
  • linux: version 4.1.5
  • linux: support "Lite-On IT Corp. / Plextor M6e PCI Express SSD [Marvell 88SS9183] (rev 14)", see
  • mover: only move objects where "Use Cache" is set to "Yes" for a share
  • ntp: enable by default
  • OpenELEC: added 6.0-beta3 image (beta3 includes hdmi sound fixes for nvidia cards and corrected 'addon_url' to allow plugins in Kodi once again)
  • OpenELEC: use readonly for openelec disk image
  • php: enable pcntl
  • php: version 5.4.44
  • samba: include linux "dot" objects in directory listings
  • samba: version 4.1.19
  • slack: ca-certificates version 20150426
  • slack: check USB Flash device upon startup (set 6th field of fstab to 1)
  • unRAIDServer.plg: improvements in unRAID-5 update: ping google instead of local gateway to determine if network up
  • VM Manager: allow usb devices to be used that do not have a name/desciption
  • VM Manager: Fix: OVMF+Q35 needs the bus set to 'usb' instead of 'ide' for CD-ROMs
  • VM Manager: support OpenELEC template
  • VM Manager: Updated noVNC (using latest as of 8/5/15, commit 8f3c0f6)
  • webGui: Add APCUPS summary to dashboard page
  • webGui: Add refresh button to Docker Scrub operation
  • webGui: added "Hide dot files" control on SMB Settings page
  • webGUI: added banner and user thumbnail image upload support
  • webGui: additional options for text/graphical display of Used/Free.
  • webGui: all '#command' and 'cmd' values must reference scripts within /usr/local/emhttp/ jail.
  • webGui: Corrected: default settings were not applied for apcupsd
  • webGui: disable Array Stop button when mover is running
  • webGui: enhanced report generation
  • webGui: feedback for kool kids
  • webGui: fix issues with uploading thumbnails, banner
  • webGui: fix docker update regression introduced in 6.1-rc1
  • webGui: fixed memory max display in dashboard
  • webGui: fix notifications not initialized on reboot
  • webGui: force browser reload of selected scripts and css files
  • webGui: include linux "hidden" objects in directory listings
  • webGui: install key: accept pre-keyserver links to key files
  • webGui: integrate latest dynamix changes; many changes, refer to github
  • webGui: Only show docker utilization when docker is enabled
  • webGui: rearrange columns on Main page
  • webGui: Replace alert-box for SweetAlert (enhanced messaging)
  • webGui: use 'ftpusers' script to define ftp users
  • webGui: use 'agent' script to control notification agents
  • webGui: other misc. bug fixes and improvements

Changes in 6.0.1

Release Announcement for v6.0.1 _____ 2015-06-26

Security Advisory updates

  • openssl: 1.0.1o (SSA:2015-162-01)
  • php: 5.4.41 (SSA:2015-162-02)

Other changes

  • linux: enable kernel options:
- CONFIG_USB_PRINTER: USB Printer support
- CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_CP210X: USB CP210x family of UART Bridge Controllers
  • slack:
- wget: version 1.16.3
  • unRAIDServer plugin: be compatible with both unRAID-5 and unRAID-6
  • webGui: Docker: Fix: volume mappings with apostrophes not escaping correctly
  • webGui: integrate online feedback

Changes in 6.0.0

  • docker: set default template repo
  • webGui: other cosmetic changes

Changes in 6.0-rc6a

  • docker: fix bug in docker/daemon/container.go: /etc/resolv.conf permissions should be 0644 not 0600
  • webGui: add 'restart' to docker context menu

Changes in 6.0-rc6

  • dhcpcd: update to 6.8.1
  • dhcpcd: put dhcpcd in background if no carrier an/or no IP address after 60 seconds
  • docker: trigger docker inotify watches on /etc/hostname, /etc/hosts, and /etc/resolve.conf
  • emhttp: fix cache devices getting unassigned when array slot count decreased
  • slack: create informative /etc/issue file
  • slack: maintain /etc/hostname file
  • slack: added 'inet' command to /root - just a symlink to /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1
  • webGui: Info page memory display corrections; other misc. changes
  • webGui: other misc changes (see github)

Changes in 6.0-rc5

  • bonding: fix to bring ethX i/f down before adding to bond; remove dhcp delay
  • emhttp: fix disk/share status indicators
  • emhttp: fix flash share comment not showing up, added flash share 'fsColor'
  • emhttp: fix possible deadlock if http connection closed with output still pending
  • emhttp: fix single-disk cache pool not mounting after format
  • linux: enable kernel options:
CONFIG_NFT_MASQ: Netfilter nf_tables masquerade support
CONFIG_NFT_REDIR: Netfilter nf_tables redirect support
CONFIG_NFT_MASQ_IPV4: IPv4 masquerading support for nf_tables
CONFIG_NFT_REDIR_IPV4: IPv4 redirect support for nf_tables
  • slack: fix ntp configuration handling
  • syslinux: fix bug where Xen menu options are present in 'default' syslinux.cfg file
  • webGui: added symlink to /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/diagnostics in /usr/local/sbin
  • webGui: file browser: don't let user traverse up the tree beyond the mount point
  • webGui: add rollover status indicator text for array status and user/disk share status
  • webGui: add disclaimer to Diagnostics page (3rd party plugins may or may not expose personal information)
  • webGui: custom user thumbnail/avatars support
  • webGui: fix docker image file delete
  • webGui: VM Manager changes (see github)

Changes in 6.0-rc4

  • btrfs-progs: update to 4.0.1
  • emhttp: fix bug where /mnt/user0 could be mounted when slot count decreased
  • emhttp: don't count zero-size block devices against device limits
  • emhttp: handle querystring variables with embedded single-quotes
  • emhttp: added comment field for disk shares
  • libvirt: patched rc.libvirt to eliminate bogus errors output to syslog
  • libvirt: enabled virtual port capability
  • linux: enable kernel options:
CONFIG_MACVTAP: MAC-VLAN based tap driver
CONFIG_NF_TABLES_BRIDGE: Ethernet Bridge nf_tables support
CONFIG_NFT_BRIDGE_META: Netfilter nf_table bridge meta support
CONFIG_BRIDGE_NF_EBTABLES: Ethernet Bridge tables (ebtables) support
CONFIG_BRIDGE_EBT_*: (19 total Ethernet bridge tables)
  • qemu: upgraded to SeaBIOS 1.8.1
  • shfs: add NOCOW share support
  • unRAIDServer plugin: preserve only "previous" release; removing current release will restore previous release
  • webGui: fix Active Directory export settings not being active
  • webGui: let user configure share COW flag
  • webGui: make apcupsd driver_loaded script executable
  • webGui: VM Manager: added Force Stop context menu option when VM is paused
  • webGui: VM Manager: Fix: raw disk size display and adjustment capabilities
  • webGUI: Docker: Fix: correctly calculate total data pulled stat
  • webGUI: Docker: permit image to exist on user share
  • webGUI: create Disk Shares page under Shares, move disk share settings
  • webGUI: correct handling of single quotes in share names
  • webGUI: other misc changes/bug fixes

Summaries of changes from 6.0-beta15 to 6.0-rc3

Version 6.0-rc3

  • emhttp: fix Maintenance-mode array Start
  • emhttp: properly output 'progress' strings echo'ed by emhttp_event scripts
  • emhttp: let Pro start regardless of attached device count
  • linux: update to 4.0.4 (btrfs fix from 4.0.3, spinlock fix from 4.0.4, btrfs balance patch)
  • webGui: VM Manager bug fixes
  • webGui: integrated improvements to apcupsd component

Version 6.0-rc2

  • emhttp: restore default number of array slots to 24 (from 5 introduced in -rc1)
  • slack: add package: patch version 2.7.4
  • webGui: expunge all Xen "hooks"
  • webGui: VM Manager bug fixes (refer to commit history on github)

Version 6.0-rc1

  • docker: update to 1.6.2
  • webGui: support replacement keys
  • webGui: must be Stopped to change Identification settings

Version 6.0-beta16a (internal release)

  • qemu: update to 2.3.0 with VENOM patch for CVE-2015-3456
  • Slackware Security Advisory updates:
php: 5.4.40

Version 6.0-beta16 (internal release)

  • btrfs-progs: update to 4.0.0
  • docker: update to 1.6.1
  • emhttp: add "-m crc=1,finobt=1" flags to mkfs.xfs to enable metadata checksum and free inode btree features
  • emhttp: support Trial registration keys
  • libvirt: update to 1.2.15, drop Xen support
  • linux: update to 4.0.2
  • linux: enable kernel options:
CONFIG_HZ_1000: Timer Frequency 1000 HZ
CONFIG_X86_X2APIC: Support x2apic
CONFIG_DL2K: DL2000/TC902x-based Gigabit Ethernet support
CONFIG_IXGBE_VXLAN: Virtual eXtensible Local Area Network Support
CONFIG_MLX4_EN: Mellanox Technologies 1/10/40Gbit Ethernet support
  • linux: remove kernel options:
CONFIG_HZ_100: Timer Frequency 100 HZ
CONFIG_CGROUP_DEBUG: Example debug cgroup subsystem
CONFIG_DEBUG_BLK_CGROUP: Enable Block IO controller debugging
CONFIG_X86_EXTENDED_PLATFORM: Support for extended (non-PC) x86 platforms
  • qemu: update to 2.3.0, SeaBIOS 1.8, drop Xen support
  • xfsprogs: update to 3.2.2
  • xen: removed, along with perl and python packages

Summaries of changes from 6.0-beta14b to 6.0-beta15

Version 6.0-beta15

  • btrfs-progs: update to 3.19.1
  • linux: update to 3.19.4 (with btrfs mount deadlock patch 9c4f61f01d269815bb7c37)
  • linux: enable kernel options:
CONFIG_DMIID: Export DMI identification via sysfs to userspace
  • ovmf: added firmware Build 953 Date: 20150409 Git Tag: g53deb15
  • Slackware Security Advisory updates:
ntp: 4.2.8p2
openssl: 1.0.1m

Version 6.0-beta14g (internal release)

  • docker: update to 1.5.0
  • libvirt: update to 1.2.13
  • php: update to 5.4.39
  • qemu: update to 2.2.1
  • slack: updated usb.ids and pci.ids files
  • Slackware Security Advisory updates:
samba: 4.1.17
sudo: 1.8.12
  • webGui: include dynamix.vm.manager

Version 6.0-beta14f (internal release)

  • btrfs-progs: update to 3.19
  • emhttp: more btrfs pool operation refinements
  • linux: update to 3.19.3
  • linux: set CONFIG_PREEMPT: Preemptible Kernel (to address RCU timeout errors)
  • mover: delete partial destination files on error
  • unraid: eliminate mdcmd semaphore; rename certain disk status codes

Version 6.0-beta14e (internal release)

  • emhttp: improve btrfs pool device operations
  • slack: invoke '/usr/local/sbin/notify init' within rc.local to initialize notification subsystem.
  • webGui: dynamix 2015.03.17
  • webGui: apcupsd plugin: remove delays per dlandon.
  • webGui: add explanatory text if device is unmountable
  • webGui: support "file system check" and "btrfs balance" background operation

Version 6.0-beta14d (internal release)

  • Less verbose plugin install progress and messages.
  • Eliminate the "no-check-certificate" option to wget in the plugin download function. This is because we DO have a valid SSL cert and we DO want it checked when someone downloads unraid. For 3rd party plugins that bring code from non-trusted source, they have to put that switch on the URL inside the plugin.
  • Fixed that Cache Devices improperly disappeared from Main page for certain cases.

Version 6.0-beta14c (internal release)

  • More device spinning/temperature refinements.

Changes in 6.0-beta14b

  • Fix device spinning status.
  • Fix SSD's appearing "spun-down".
  • Fix inability to disable Docker once enabled.
  • Release notes appear now via info icon on Plugins page

Changes in 6.0-beta14a

  • plugin: fix issue where initial unRAID server update fails
  • emhttp: fix issue where Pro would not start with 25 devices
  • emhttp: change tunable poll_spindown to poll_attributes
  • docker: handle case of fresh install (no docker.cfg file)

Changes in 6.0-beta14

  • apcups: update to 3.14.13
  • emhttp: don't clobber cache device MBR unless explicitly formatting (to handle non-unraid-standard partition layouts)
  • emhttp: change term "Unformatted" to "Unmountable"
  • emhttp: use 'update_cron' script to handle crontab updating for plugins
  • linux: remove intel_pstate driver patch
  • mover: only skip moving shares explicitly configured "cache-only"
  • plugin: check md5sum of downloaded unRAID Server OS zip file
  • webGui: integrated apcupsd webGui page, thanks dlandon!

Summary of changes in 6.0-beta13

  • Warning: if Cache drive formatted with Btrfs, partitioning may be damaged by this release
  • btrfs-progs: update to 3.18.2
  • docker: set COW flag when creating new docker vdisk image (rc.docker).
  • docker: update to 1.4.1
  • emhttp: support Basic key type, other key changes
  • libvirt: update to 1.2.12
  • libvirt-python: update to 1.2.12
  • linux: added drivers:
CONFIG_DM_CRYPT: Crypt target support
CONFIG_SENSORS_JC42: JEDEC JC42.4 compliant memory module temperature sensors
CONFIG_USB_RTL8152: support for Realtek RTL8152/RTL8153 based USB 2.0/3.0 10/100/1000 Ethernet adapters.
CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NBD: Network block device support
  • linux: change cpufreq drivers from built-in to module
  • linux: apply patch to fix Haswell CPU frequency scaling in intel_pstate driver
  • linux: update to 3.18.5
  • netatalk: update to 3.1.7
  • php: added sqlite3 support
  • qemu: update to 2.2.0
  • rsyslog: update to 8.6.0
  • slack: added apcupsd package
  • slack: added cryptsetup package
  • slack: added cpufrequtils package
  • slack: added traceroute package
  • Slackware Security Advisory updates:
php: 5.4.36
samba: 4.1.16
  • slack: update htop to 1.0.3
  • slack: move /var/log to a tmpfs after mtab recreated in rc.S
  • syslinux: added missing file /boot/syslinux/libcom32.c32 needed by mboot when the Xen options are used.
  • webGui: update dynamix to 2015.02.15

Summaries of changes from 6.0-beta10a to 6.0-beta12

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta11h to 6.0-beta12

  • docker: update to 1.3.2
  • dynamix: update to 2014.11.28
  • emhttp_event: support event/event_name directories
  • rsyslog: include all config files in /etc/rsyslog.d/

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta11g to 6.0-beta11h

  • btrfs-progs: update to 3.17.2
  • emhttp: report polled SMART output in "/var/local/emhttp/smart/<device-name>"
  • notify: add /usr/local/sbin/notify command for generating notifications (actually a symlink)
initialize ssmtp config via rc.local using 'notify smtp-init' command
  • linux: update to 3.17.4
  • linux: added drivers:
CONFIG_CONNECTOR: unified userspace <-> kernelspace connector working on top of the netlink socket protocol.
CONFIG_HYPERV: permit to run Linux as a Hyper-V client operating system.
CONFIG_HYPERV_BALLOON: enable Hyper-V Balloon driver.
CONFIG_HYPERV_KEYBOARD: enable the Hyper-V Keyboard driver.
CONFIG_HYPERV_NET: enable the Hyper-V virtual network driver.
CONFIG_HYPERV_STORAGE: enable the Hyper-V virtual storage driver.
CONFIG_HYPERV_UTILS: enable the Hyper-V Utilities.

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta11f to 6.0-beta11g

  • dynamix: update to 2014.11.10
  • emhttp: added 'poll_spindown' event
  • linux: added drivers:
CONFIG_USB_USBNET: supports several kinds of network links over USB
CONFIG_USB_NET_AX8817X: support for ASIX AX88xxx based USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet adapters.
CONFIG_USB_NET_AX88179_178A: support for ASIX AX88179 based USB 3.0/2.0 to Gigabit Ethernet adapters.
  • slack: added sSMTP version 2.64
  • slack: get rid of mailx

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta11e to 6.0-beta11f

  • dynamix: consolidate dynamix.* into single dynamix plugin/repo

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta11e to 6.0-beta11e

  • dynamix: more integration
  • linux: added driver:
SCSI_HPTIOP: support for HighPoint RocketRAID 3xxx/4xxx controllers, per customer request.

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta11c to 6.0-beta11d

  • further dynamix integration:
adopt "dynamix.*" built-in plugin naming convention

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta11b to 6.0-beta11c

  • btrfs-progs: update to 3.17.1
  • docker: update to 1.3.1
  • linux: update to 3.17.2
  • linux: enable kernel options:
CONFIG_IP_NF_NAT: This enables the 'nat' table in iptables.
  • Slackware Security Advisory updates:
bash: 4.2.053
php: 5.4.34

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta11a to 6.0-beta11b

  • further dynamix integration: rename built-in plugins

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta11 to 6.0-beta11a

  • syslinux: updated to 6.03, with OSX compatibility (thanks Eric!)
  • Slackware Security Advisory updates:
glibc to 2.17
openssh to 6.7p1
wget to 1.14

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta10c to 6.0-beta11

  • webGui: integrate dynamix extensions

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta10b to 6.0-beta10c

  • fixed ntp not using configured servers
  • linux: enable kernel options:
CONFIG_TASK_XACCT: Enable extended accounting over taskstats
CONFIG_TASK_IO_ACCOUNTING: Enable per-task storage I/O accounting

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta10a to 6.0-beta10b

  • btrfs-progs: update to 3.16.2
  • emhttp: accept request and header lines up to 8192 bytes
  • linux: update to 3.16.5
  • linux: enable kernel options:
CONFIG_SCSI_ISCI: Intel(R) C600 Series Chipset SAS Controller
  • qemu: update to 2.1.2
  • shfs: fix chown() operation on symlink
  • slack: read rsyslog.conf file from flash if present
  • slack: update rsyslog to 8.4.2
  • Slackware Security Advisory updates:
update bash to 4.2.50(2) (shellshock, et al.)
openssl to 1.0.1j
update to 4.4.1-patch
  • webGui: fix 'compute free space' wrong for shares with spaces

Changes from 5.0.5 to 5.0.6

  • emhttp: explicitly set "sec=sys" in exports file for NFS public and secure mode share export
  • emhttp: fixed bug where blank value for cache 'Min free space' would cause shfs terminate
  • emhttp: fixed bug where changing SMB export setting in Active Directory mode causes crash
  • slack: update bash-4.1.014-i486-1_slack13.1

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta10 to 6.0-beta10a

  • emhttp: get rid of extraneous "closeConnection" messages
  • shfs: fix issue preventing new object creation on use_cache=yes shares when cache not present
  • plgMan: eliminate extraneous mkdir warning
  • plgMan: fix issue where 'update' operation installs wrong symlink
  • webGui: eliminate extraneous timezone indicator on DateTime page
  • xenMan: restored 'x' bit in event scripts

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta9 to 6.0-beta10

  • avahi: eliminate bogus "Invalid response packet from host" messages.
  • btrfs-progs: update to 3.16.1
  • dhcpcd: use the hardware address of the interface for the Client ID.
  • distro: updated license.txt: all 3rd party software is USE AT YOUR OWN RISK
  • dockerMan: version 2014.09.25
  • emhttp: improve http connection handling
  • emhttp: fix issue creating cache-only share following cache device format completion
  • emhttp: fix issue preventing apostrophes in share names
  • emhttp: when cache device re-assigned set file system type to 'auto'
  • linux: support all Winbond h/w monitor chips
  • linux: update to 3.16.3 (reiserfs corruption patch built-in)
  • netatalk: update to 3.1.6
  • slack: don't start AFP in rc.M
  • slack: fixed acpi power-button event
  • slack: fixed rsyslog syslog rotation
  • slack: inetd.conf: comment out unused comsat and auth services
  • slack: libvirt installed, but /etc/rc.d/rc.libvirt removed (for now)
  • slack: update bash to 4.2.49(2) (shellshock bug fix)
  • webGui: added 'Default file system' on Disk Settings page (default is XFS)

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta8 to 6.0-beta9

  • btrfs-progs: update to 3.16
  • docker: fix bug which can cause creation of volume file to fail on user share
  • emhttp: auto-expand all file system types (btrfs, reiserfs, xfs)
  • libvirt: update to 1.2.8
  • linux: update to 3.16.2 (with 3.16 reiserfs corruption fix patch)
  • php: update to 5.4.32 including PTS support
  • shfs: fixed improper handling of global share cache floor
  • slack: rc.docker: handle restart following Docker daemon crash
  • slack: rc.docker: remove extraneous sync's
  • slack: replace sysklog package with rsyslog 8.4.0
  • unraid: permit "md_write_method" to be set via mdcmd
  • unraid: fix overlapped i/o detection race condition
  • webGui: plgMan: fix 'plugin' update method
  • webGui: plgMan: handle stale and error plugin install
  • webGui: integrated gfjardim's latest excellent dockerMan plugin
  • xen: update to 4.4.1

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta7 to 6.0-beta8

  • docker: update to 1.2.0
docker for unRAID works with loopback mounted btrfs image
integrate forum user "gfjardim" docker plugin (with permission)
  • emhttp: fix handling of blank 'min free space' share setting
  • emhttp: use 'mkdir -p' instead of 'mkdir' when creating disk mount points
  • shfs: honor cache floor settings for 'unsplittable' paths
  • plgMan: support unRAID OS update via Plugins page
  • webGui: change Utilities menu to Tools, added Credits, license info

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta6 to 6.0-beta7

  • btrfs-progs: update to 3.14.2
  • docker: update to 1.1.2
  • emhttp: assign any number of slots to array and cache pool
  • emhttp: implemented multi-device btrfs cache pool feature
  • emhttp: support btrfs, reiserfs, xfs filesystems for array devices
  • emhttp: handle multiple key files in /boot/config, but no more keys files in /boot
  • emhttp: add indicator for shares that only exist on the cache
  • libvirt: update to 1.2.7
  • linux: update to version 3.16
CONFIG_NR_CPUS: changed from 16 to 256
CONFIG_XFS_FS: include XFS file system
add "pci: Enable overrides for missing ACS capabilities" patch (for KVM vfio/PCI pass-through)
  • misc: console coloring for kool kids
  • php: update to 5.4.30
add support for curl, openssl, zlib, bz2 and gmp
  • qemu: update to 2.1.0
add "Enable -cpu option to hide KVM" patch (for Nvidia)
  • samba: update to 4.1.11
  • shfs: fixed improper handling of cache floor
  • slack: added htop-1.0.2
  • slack: added xfsprogs-3.1.11
  • unraid: correct overlapped I/O logic in driver; remove write-throttling algorithm
  • webGui: add "check filesystem" functions on DiskInfo page.
  • webGui: several misc. bug fixes

Summary of changes from 6.0-beta5a to 6.0-beta6

  • docker: added support for docker version 1.0.0
  • emhttp: support btrfs-formatted cache disk
  • linux: update to version 3.15.0
  • linux: added more features:
 CONFIG_NR_CPUS: changed from 8 to 16 (number of CPU's supported)
 CONFIG_NUMA: Enable NUMA (Non Uniform Memory Access) support.
 CONFIG_SCSI_MVSAS_TASKLET: Support for interrupt tasklet (improves mvsas performance)
 CONFIG_ALX: Qualcomm Atheros AR816x/AR817x support
 CONFIG_I40E: Intel(R) Ethernet Controller XL710 Family support
 CONFIG_INTEL_IOMMU: Support for Intel IOMMU using DMA Remapping Devices
 CONFIG_INTEL_IOMMU_DEFAULT_ON: Enable Intel DMA Remapping Devices by default
 CONFIG_IRQ_REMAP: Support for Interrupt Remapping
 CONFIG_VFIO: VFIO Non-Privileged userspace driver framework
 CONFIG_VFIO_PCI: VFIO support for PCI devices
 CONFIG_VFIO_PCI_VGA: VFIO PCI support for VGA devices
 CONFIG_CIFS_SMB2: SMB2 network file system support
 CONFIG_NET_9P: Plan 9 Resource Sharing Support (9P2000)
 CONFIG_NET_9P_VIRTIO: 9P Virtio Transport
 CONFIG_9P_FS: Plan 9 Resource Sharing Support (9P2000)
 CONFIG_9P_FS_POSIX_ACL: 9P POSIX Access Control Lists
  • slack: updated packages with security advisories:
  • slack: added packages:
  • slack: minor fixes in rc.S, rc.M, rc.sshd
  • qemu: version 2.0.0 with SeaBIOS 1.7.5
  • xen: update to version 4.4.0, with security patches through 6-13-2014.
    • Eliminated qemu-system-i386 altogether and now just builds qemu-system-x86-64 (qemu 2.0.0)
    • Correct typo in /etc/default/xendomains.

Changes from 6.0-beta4 to 6.0-beta5a

  • emhttp: fix issue generating ini files with single quotes in keys
  • emhttp: support BRSTP variable to enable/disable network bridge STP
  • openssl: update to openssl-1.0.1g (heartbleed bug fix)
  • php: update to 5.4.26, and
    • change search path for php.ini to: /etc/php
    • change search path for additional ini files to: /etc/php/conf.d
    • in /etc/php/php.ini include this directive:
      • auto_prepend_file="/usr/local/emhttp/plugins/webGui/include/local_setup.php"
      • local_setup.php defines the timezone and locale so that php scripts don't have to
  • slack: initialize /etc/ssl/certs using update-ca-certificates
  • sysinfo: added line to display OpenSSL version
  • webGui: Network Settings: add control for BRSTP

Changes from 6.0-beta3 to 6.0-beta4

  • linux: added more features:
    • DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES: Support multiple instances of devpts
    • SCSI_MPT3SAS: LSI MPT Fusion SAS 3.0 Device Driver
    • VT_HW_CONSOLE_BINDING: Support for binding and unbinding console drivers
    • CONFIG_SENSORS_F71805F: Fintek F71805F/FG, F71806F/FG and F71872F/FG support
    • CONFIG_SENSORS_F71882FG: Fintek F71882FG and compatibles support
    • CONFIG_SENSORS_F75375S: Fintek F75375S/SP, F75373 and F75387 support
  • nfs: fixed issue where exported volumes were read-only (needed to explicitly add sec=sys option)
  • php: added json support
  • samba: update to version 4.0.15 in order to set "acl allow execute always" to "yes" in order to fix windows exe files not executing
  • samba: "max protocol = SMB3" is the new default
  • slack: added ca-certificates
  • slack: added nano editor
  • slack: added usb-utils (lsusb command)
  • smartmontools: update to version 6.2
  • syslinux: remove Xen command line options (user can tune syslinux.cfg via webGui)
  • emhttp: fixed bug where blank value for cache 'Min free space' would cause shfs terminate
  • emhttp: fixed bug where changing SMB export setting in Active Directory mode caused crash
  • emhttp: provide $_GET and $_POST to php scripts
  • emhttp: when root password set, only authenticate webGui page access
  • emhttp: very simple security for http access to share data (a work in process)
  • emhttp: return correct mime type per file extension
  • webGui: add syslinux configuration page on 'flash' menu
  • webGui: add plugin manager
  • webGui: add xen domain manager
  • webGui: current list of built-in plugins:
    • indexer - Share Browser
    • sysinfo - The 'Info' button
    • plgMan - Plugin Manager
    • vendor - third party utility components
    • webGui - the webGui itself
    • xenMan - Xen Manager
  • xen: update to version 4.3.2

Changes from 6.0-beta2 to 6.0-beta3

  • flash: added Xen boot options, multiboot support
  • linux: added drivers:
    • CONFIG_PATA_AMD: support for the AMD and NVidia PATA interfaces found on the chipsets for Athlon/Athlon64.
    • CONFIG_PATA_ATIIXP: support for the ATI ATA interfaces found on the many ATI chipsets.
    • CONFIG_PATA_OLDPIIX: support for early PIIX PATA support.
    • CONFIG_PATA_PDC2027X: support for Promise PATA pdc20268 to pdc20277 host adapters.
    • CONFIG_PATA_VIA: support for the VIA PATA interfaces found on the many VIA chipsets.
    • CONFIG_SENSORS_NCT6775: support for the hardware monitoring functionality of the Nuvoton NCT6775F,
    • NCT6776F, NCT6779D and compatible Super-I/O chips.
  • linux: fixed issue with hwclock (added RTC support which somehow got left out)
  • linux: updated Intel e1000e driver to version 2.5.4
  • slack: added more packages, notably python and perl
  • slack: added network bridging, including bridge of bonded Ethernet NICs
  • webGui: added bridge control on Network Settings page
  • Xen: version 4.3.1

Changes from 6.0-beta1 to 6.0-beta2

  • slack: added missing library: libtasn1
  • vsftp: fixed
  • webGui: updated to 2014.01.24a to fix issue with updating

Changes from 5.x to 6.0-beta1

  • Release Announcement for v6.0-beta1 _____ 2014-01-22
  • Note: the v6 series is the first of the 64-bit UnRAID releases
  • linux: version 3.10.24p x86_64 (includes reiserfs 'continuous write' patch)
  • linux: include all KVM/Xen virtualization options, including libvirt
  • linux: back to using kernel Realtek NIC driver r8169
  • mailx: version 12.5
  • php: upgrade to 5.4.20
  • samba: upgrade to 4.0.9
  • slack: upgrade to slackware64-14.1
  • openssh: version 6.3p1. Host keys are generated and stored in /boot/config/ssh directory. Currently configured to allow null passwords (easy to change). Telnet still enabled (easy to disable).
  • webGui: upgrade to webGui-master

Changes from 5.0.4 to 5.0.5

  • flash: in make_bootable.bat, include 'f' switch to syslinux invokation to handle devices not marked "removeable"
  • linux: added all the netfilter options
  • slack: added libcurl mistakenly not included in 5.0.4
  • slack: upgrade reiserfsprogs from 3.6.21 to 3.6.24
  • webGui: fixes in "indexer" Browse page per forum user "nars" (thank you)

Changes from 5.0.3 to 5.0.4

  • slack: added curl
  • samba: upgrade to 3.6.21-p (patched with share point mtime fix)
  • linux: added additional netfilter options:
  • mover: removed -O switch from rsync command, wasn't doing what I thought
  • zip release file: upgraded memtest to version 5.01
  • zip release file: added make_bootable_mac (thanks to Kyle at Greenleaf, aka, prostuff1)

Changes from 5.0.2 to 5.0.3

  • emhttp: avahi smb service name changed from "%h-SMB" to "%h" (%h is your server hostname)
  • emhttp: avahi afp service name changed from "%h" to "%h-AFP"; and generate proper time-machine records
  • linux: patch mvsas driver to recognize newer AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 cards with PCI ID 1b4b:9485
  • linux: update Realtek-supplied r8168 driver to version r8168-8.037.00
  • linux: added numerous additional options to netfilter/iptables subsystems per user request
  • netatalk: upgrade to version 2.2.5
  • slack: added package nss-mdns-0.10 and modified /etc/nsswitch.conf to resolve *.local hostnames
  • unraid: permit "md_write_method" to be set via mdcmd

Changes from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2

  • slack: upgrade smartmontools from 5.43 to 6.2 per user request

Changes from 5.0 to 5.0.1

  • emhttp: fix Active Directory, fix join operation (winbindd wasn't starting)
  • emhttp: for Active Directory, fix assigning initial owner/group (only set once)
  • emhttp: for "swap disable" where new disk is factory-cleared, skip clearing remaining space beyond replaced disk size
  • emhttp: added missing 'started' event, generated at end of array Start sequence
  • linux: upgrade kernel to 3.9.11p (patched)
  • linux: added iptables support per user request
  • linux: changed frequency scaling drivers from "built-in" to "modules", and added a few more drivers
  • other: remove extraneous files in /root and /usr/local/sbin
  • slack: fix settings in /etc/rc.d/rc.samba to eliminate 'WARNING: The "idmap backend" option is deprecated'
  • slack: add "winbind use default domain = Yes" to rc.samba when setting up Active Directory
  • slack: upgrade smartmontools from 5.40 to 5.43 per user request
  • slack: upgrade hdparm from 9.37 to 9.43 per user request
  • unraid driver: support 64-bit builds (no impact on 32-bit build)
  • unraid driver: initialized superblock should start out marked "clean"
  • unraid driver: prevent crash if disk partition(s) doesn't exist upon array Start
  • webGui: for Active Directory, user may explicitly enter the AD short domain name
  • webGui: add confirmation checkbox to enable array Stop button
  • webGui: offer "Parity is already valid" checkbox only if parity disk has been assigned
  • webGui: fix "swap disable" not being presented correctly

Changes from 5.0-rc16c to 5.0 'stable'

  • emhttp: return correct MIME type for javascript (application/javascript)
  • emhttp: get rid of "Welcome" page, make "Main" the default start page
  • emhttp: added Release Notes page under Utils/Upgrade menu
  • emhttp: added Upgrade webGui page under Utils/Upgrade menu
  • mover: include rsync 'O' option in order to prevent directory modification time update
  • shfs: fix bug where latest directory mtime not being returned
  • slack: remove /var/log tmpfs entry in /etc/fstab since this is done in rc.S

Changes from 5.0-rc16b to 5.0-rc16c

  • shfs: correct share free space calculation again
  • slack: update to fuse-2.9.3 to fix "transport endpoint not connected" issue
  • slack: increase some system limits as follows:
 ulimit -n 40960
 ulimit -c unlimited
 ulimit -l unlimited
 ulimit -s unlimited

Changes from 5.0-rc15a to 5.0-rc16b

  • emhttp: fix interpretation of cacheSpindownDelay empty string
  • emhttp: don't start parity check if "Parity is already valid" checkbox checked
  • emhttp: enable AVAHI independent of AFP being enabled
  • linux: patch kernel with corrected reiserfs sync superblock fix
  • shfs: correct share free space calculation
  • shfs: added additional error checks and messages
  • slack: improve /etc/rc.d/rc.local
  • webGui: misc. changes and cleanup

Changes from 5.0-rc15 to 5.0-rc15a

  • linux: include 8139TOO driver for older Realtek NIC's
  • linux: add missing bnx2-mips-06-6.2.3.fw file
  • linux: correct issue (maybe) in sky2.h that prevents WOL with certain Marvell NIC's
  • linux: increase kernel log buffer size from 64K to 128K
  • slack: correctly mount /var/log onto a 'tmpfs' to consume no more than 128MB
  • slack: added "unraidsafemode" kernel command line parameter
  • syslinux: add menu option to boot in "Safe Mode"

Changes from 5.0-rc14 to 5.0-rc15

  • linux: use kernel 3.9.6-patched (patched with reiserfs sync superblock fix)
  • linux: replace stock r8169 driver with Realtek r8168-8.036.00
  • shfs: change "disk0" to "cache" when it appears in user.LOCATON xattr
  • slack: mount /var/log onto a 'tmpfs' to consume no more than 128MB
  • slack: got rid of dangling 'initconfig' link in /root
  • slack: increase timeout waiting for USB flash device from 10 to 30 seconds
  • syslinux: remove boot option from syslinux.cfg to limit memory
  • webGui: fix bug where some PHP error message could get output when browsing disk shares
  • webGui: for NFS private share, increased 'Rule' field from 40 to 256 characters

Changes from 5.0-rc13 to 5.0-rc14

  • emhttp: remove superfluous 'sync's
  • linux: use kernel 3.4.48, with Realtek supplied drivers for Realtek NIC's
  • shfs: remove overloading of st_ino field to identify disk locations, instead use xattr user.LOCATION
  • syslinux: default boot option limits memory use to 4GB; can be overridden
  • unraid: ensure md-devices not removed before last umount completes
  • webGui: fixed 'clear' operation not showing clearing drives
  • webGui: added 'fuse_remember' tunable on 'Settings/NFS' page

Changes from 5.0-rc12a to 5.0-rc13

  • emhttp: permit use of "-o noforget" fuse option for NFS to reduce "stale file handle" errors
  • emhttp: reg key files now must strictly end with ".key" (not just ".key" anywhere in name)
  • emhttp: set SO_LINGER on http connection sockets
  • linux: use kernel 3.9.3 (fix "slow write" with some m/b's, provide various driver fixes)
  • linux: back to kernel Realtek driver
  • linux: modified libata-core.c to output udev-style model_serno identification strings
  • shfs: fixed removexattr() for directories to look at all disks even if xattr not present on some
  • slack: default 'umask 0' and 'ulimit -n 20000' for all processes (/sbin/initscript)
  • slack: increase inotify watches to 524288 (/etc/sysctl.conf)
  • webGui: fixed crash resulting from too many user names
  • webGui: fixed issue displaying IP address with bonding i/f
  • webGui: provide link to upgrade to Plus/Pro

Changes from 5.0-rc12 to 5.0-rc12a

  • linux: include r8168 in the build (you'd think by now I'd bloody not forget this)

Changes from 5.0-rc11 to 5.0-rc12

  • emhttp: correct handling of arguments to 'runCmd' action
  • emhttp: don't read temperature of disk being formatted
  • emhttp: added network bonding support
  • linux: use kernel 3.4.36 (for various disk controller and NIC driver bug fixes)
  • shfs: return correct extended attribute value length
  • slack: added 'user' alias that operates like 'su' command to invoke shell as a non-root user
  • unraid: set REQ_FUA for writes generated when correcting read errors
  • unraid: process REQ_FLUSH requests
  • webGui: for 'FTP user(s)', permit multiple usernames separated by spaces

Changes from 5.0-rc10 to 5.0-rc11

  • emhttp: fixed spurious "title not found" log entries
  • emhttp: ensure new parity disk for 'swap disable' has a valid partition table
  • emhttp: fixed worker thread (format/clear/copy) inconsistent progress
  • emhttp: default timeZone "America/Los_Angeles" (eliminate first-boot error message)
  • flash boot: add menu item to boot kernel limiting memory use to 4GB
  • linux: use kernel 3.4.26 (for various disk controller and NIC driver bug fixes)
  • linux: added "Intel PIIX4 and compatible I2C driver" (i2c-piix4) per user request
  • linux: changed cpufreq drivers from modules to built-ins
  • shfs: fixed crash by replacing non-thread-safe readdir() with readdir_r()
  • shfs: use st_ino field to record object disk location
  • slack: add 10-sec timeout waiting for USB flash to appear as suggested by forum user Barzija
  • webGui: added very simple vsftp support
  • webGui: indexer: display disk location of objects

Changes from 5.0-rc9a to 5.0-rc10

  • driver: fixed issue where disabled disk status might not get committed to superblock
  • linux: use fuse version 2.9.2 in effort to solve "transport endpoint not connected" problem
  • linux: use Realtek version r8168-8.035.00 ethernet driver
  • linux: use Realtek version r8169-6.017.00 ethernet driver
  • emhttp: fix issue where user-entered "mdcmd set invalidslot" gets ignored upon array start

Changes from 5.0-rc9 to 5.0-rc9a

  • linux: include r8168 in the build

Changes from 5.0-rc8a to 5.0-rc9

  • emhttp: permissions now set up to operate on (ugo) instead of just (ug)
  • emhttp: fix bug where adding new share after deleting/removing previous share could result in some wrong defaults
  • emhttp: fix bug where setting all users to 'no-access' on a Private share made it accessible to everyone
  • emhttp: reworked disk spin-up/down logic so that out-of-band commands to check idle state are not normally sent
  • linux: use kernel 3.4.24
  • linux: use Realtek version r8168-8.035.00 Ethernet driver
  • samba: use version 3.6.10
  • webGui: the NewPerms utility now opens and executes in a separate browser window
  • webGui: clearing disk(s) prior to a "protected expansion" will not hang webGui
  • webGui: copying parity prior to a "swap disable" will not hang webGui
  • webGui: fix bug where size parameters with a "MB", "GB", "TB" suffix not interpreted correctly if there's a preceding space

Changes from 5.0-rc8 to 5.0-rc8a

  • linux: include r8168 in the build

Cumulative changes from 5.0-rc5/5.0-rc6-tests/5.0-rc7 to 5.0-rc8

  • driver: increase maximum number of array disks from 21 to 24
  • emhttp: correct handling of spaces in nfs export path names
  • fuse: use version 2.9.0 (to make use of 'remember' mount option, and with 'generation' patch)
  • linux: use kernel 3.4.11
  • linux: remove r8169 driver, replace with Realtek r8168 driver
  • linux: use Realtek version r8168-8.032.00 ethernet driver
  • linux: added "Drivers for Broadcom PHYs" (broadcom.ko) per user request
  • linux: added "Broadcom NetXtremeII 10Gb support" (bnx2x.ko)
  • samba: use version 3.6.7
  • shfs: fix file rename bug where 'oldpath' needs to be unlinked if 'newpath' is on different disk

Changes from 5.0-rc4 to 5.0-rc5

  • driver: commit superblock when array starts
  • emhttp: fix auto start from getting reset automatically to 'Yes' after bootup
  • emhttp: fix issue where pressing physical power button wasn't initiating a graceful shutdown
  • emhttp: when share security mode changed, initialize access lists
  • emhttp: reduce spindown polling from 10 sec to 30 sec interval
  • emhttp: don't poll a disabled disk for spindown; no spin-up/spin-down/identify operations on a disabled disk
  • emhttp: don't try to import a disk that fails partition check with a read/write error
  • emhttp: following unclean shutdown, don't start parity check until disks are mounted (speeds things up)
  • linux: use kernel version 3.0.35
  • linux: add "VMware PVSCSI driver support" (vmw_pvscsi)
  • linux: add "Myricom Myri-10G Ethernet support" (myri10ge)
  • netatalk: use version 2.2.3
  • slack: added lsscsi version 0.24
  • slack: update hdparm to version 9.37
  • webGui: display unclean shutdown case
  • shfs: known issue: NFS stale file handle issue with user shares still exists

Changes from 5.0-rc3 to 5.0-rc4

  • linux: use kernel version 3.0.33
  • linux: add "AMD Family 10h+ temperature sensor" driver (k10temp)
  • linux: add "AMD Family 15h processor power" driver (fam15h_power)
  • linux: add "Intel 10GbE PCI Express" driver (ixgbe)
  • linux: add "SCSI generic support" (sg)
  • shfs: fix NFS stale file handle problems
  • samba (SMB protocol): put 'root' in 'invalid users' list in /etc/samba/smb.conf
  • samba (SMB protocol): set 'max protocol = SMB2' in /etc/samba/smb.conf instead of in /etc/rc.d/rc.samba
  • emhttp: when user deleted, purge user from all access lists
  • emhttp: improve start/stop array operations

Changes from 5.0-rc2 to 5.0-rc3

  • linux: use kernel version 3.0.31
  • linux: added Realtek firmware files
  • shfs: fix issue of not recognizing newly-added drives
  • emhttp: correct disk spindown logic to account for clock adjustments
  • md: record disk spin up time

Changes from 5.0-rc1 to 5.0-rc2

  • linux: use kernel version 3.0.30
  • linux: change BLK_MIN_SG_TIMEOUT from 7 sec to 30 sec
  • linux: added VMware VMXNET3 ethernet driver
  • linux: added PPP/PPPoE support in kernel
  • linux: added Netfilter support in kernel
  • samba: use version 3.6.5
  • emhttp: set default so that array automatically starts upon boot up
  • other: use LZMA2 compression for bzimage and bzroot - hat tip to elkay14 on forum

Changes from 5.0-beta14a to 5.0-rc1

  • linux: use kernel version 3.3.2
  • samba: use version 3.6.3
  • samba: use cifs-utils version 5.3
  • samba: support SMB2 by default
  • samba: fix Active Directory support
  • netatalk: use version 2.2.2
  • netatalk: use avahi version 0.6.31
  • webGui: added checkbox present when a "new array" is detected that, if checked, signals that Parity is already valid. Default is not checked.
  • webGui: when SMB operating in Active Directory mode, no sense in programming unRaid security modes (for SMB)
  • memtest: use Memtest86+ V4.20

Changes from 5.0-beta14 to 5.0-beta14a

  • Note: 5.0-beta14a was not officially or publicly released
  • linux: in /etc/rc.d/rc.S wait for /dev/disk/by-label/UNRAID to appear before attempting to mount fstab entries

Changes from 5.0-beta13 to 5.0-beta14

  • linux: use kernel version 3.1.1

Changes from 5.0-beta12a to 5.0-beta13

  • linux: use kernel version 3.1.0
  • linux: restore linux r8169 driver
  • linux: include 'bonding' module and '/sbin/ifenslave' command
  • netatalk: use version 2.2.1
  • samba: use version 3.6.1

Changes from 5.0-beta12 to 5.0-beta12a

  • emhttp: inventory up to 26 total storage devices
  • linux: remove built-in r8169 driver
  • linux: add Realtek r8168 driver version r8168-8.025.00 (for Realtek PCI-Express NIC's)
  • linux: add Realtek r8169 driver version r8169-6.015.00 (for Realtek PCI NIC's)
  • linux: include /lib/firmware directory for e100, bnx2, tigon drivers
  • linux: increase scsi command time-out from 10sec to 30sec

Changes from 5.0-beta11 to 5.0-beta12

  • avahi: change listening port for smb service from 139 to 445
  • emhttp: get rid of persistent starting in "Maintenance mode"
  • driver: incorporate "explicit block device plugging" (
  • linux: use kernel version 3.0.3
  • smb: restore samba default "smb ports = 445 139"

Changes from 5.0-beta10 to 5.0-beta11

  • afp: upgraded netatalk to version 2.2.0
  • afp/avahi: improve handling of afp/avahi protocol start/stop
  • emhttp: change md_sync_window default from 288 to 384 for better sync performance with fast drives
  • emhttp: fixed mover schedule not being registered with cron.d
  • linux: use kernel version
  • linux: restore linux r8169 driver
  • reiserfs: add patch that fixes a crash in reiserfs_delete_xattr during umount (
  • shfs: fixed calculation of free/used space
  • slack: packages added: sudo, libxml2, zlib
  • slack: added plugin installer
  • php: rebuild with xml/dom support

Changes from 5.0-beta9 to 5.0-beta10

  • afp: upgraded netatalk to version 2.2.0-p6
  • afp: added "TimeMachine volume size limit" parameter for AFP
  • afp: always mount array/cache disks with extended attributes enabled
  • linux: upgraded to version
  • linux: use Realtek r8168 driver instead of linux r8169 driver
  • linux: added Adaptec AIC79xx U320 support
  • linux: added Adaptec AIC94xx SAS/SATA support
  • linux: added UDF file system support
  • shfs: implement persistent inode numbers (AFP fix)

Changes from 5.0-beta8d to 5.0-beta9

  • afp: upgrade to netatalk version 2.1.5 and avahi to version 0.6.28
  • slack: added "berkeley db" version 4.6.21 (required for netatalk 2.1)
  • slack: added missing libraries required for sgdisk

Changes from 5.0-beta8c to 5.0-beta8d

  • emhttp: fix race between last disk un-mounting and array being stopped
  • emhttp: correct segfault issue with Basic
  • emhttp: added Maintenance mode checkbox, to start array but not mount any drives
  • shfs: fix problem where files on cache disk disappear if mover running

Changes from 5.0-beta8b to 5.0-beta8c

  • emhttp: enable SMART on drives along with reading temperatures while array is Stopped
  • slack: start NFS daemons even if /etc/exports is empty

Changes from 5.0-beta8a to 5.0-beta8b

  • emhttp: fix bad mount status for Flash device

Changes from 5.0-beta8 to 5.0-beta8a

  • emhttp: correct segfault issue with Plus keys.

Changes from 5.0-beta7 to 5.0-beta8

  • driver: fixed bug causing parity errors with right combination of writes and parity-sync/data-rebuild
  • emhttp: fixed browser hang due to long mount/resize upon array Start
  • emhttp: now correctly recognizes "pre-cleared" signature on GPT protective MBR
  • emhttp: added workaround for cases where 'sgdisk' would fail to create a GPT
  • emhttp: don't unconditionally overwrite partition table on Cache disk
  • emhttp: omit MBR code area (incl. disk signature) from partition check
  • emhttp: if SMART "Temperature_Celsius" not present, use "Airflow_Temperature_Cel" for disk temperature
  • emhttp: fixed issue where disk 'Spin down delay' could get erroneously set to 'never'
  • linux: enabled "TCP Large Receive Offload" in kernel
  • shfs: added "cache-only" share feature
  • shfs: fixed user share file system to return latest atime/mtime/ctime timestamps on directories
  • slack: fixed /etc/logrotate.d/syslog to eliminate harmless "logrotate: ALERT - exited abnormally" messages
  • webGui: regarding parity check, fixed "Last checked" to only indicate time of last checked
  • webGui: Sync errors labeled as either "Sync errors detected" or "Sync errors corrected" depending on operation
  • webGui: correctly handle share names with funny chars, such as "&", "+", "'", etc.

Changes from 5.0-beta6a to 5.0-beta7

  • added GPT support for drives larger than 2TB
  • added 'gdisk' program
  • webGui: remove SpinUp/SpinDown buttons when array is Stopped
  • webGui: other misc changes
  • driver: added SCSI/SAS device spin up/down support via SG_IO.
  • Linux: upgraded to version

Changes from 5.0-beta6 to 5.0-beta6a

  • Bug Fixes:
    • webGui: fixed problem where MBR not created on replacement disk.
  • Other:
    • webGui: add MBR type description to Disk Status page.
    • webGui: MBR for all disks is checked upon array Start.
    • webGui: added "Enable auto start" config setting on Disk Settings page, with default "No".
    • cli: provide 'mkmbr' program so that user can restore/create unRAID style MBR's.

Changes from 5.0-beta5b to 5.0-beta6

  • Bug Fixes:
    • driver: fixed issue where super.dat file was being truncated.

Changes from 5.0-beta5a to 5.0-beta5b

  • Bug Fixes:
    • driver: fix detecting UPGRADE_DISK case.
    • webGui: fix problem saving changed disk security settings.

Changes from 5.0-beta5 to 5.0-beta5a

  • Bug Fixes:
    • webGui: fixed problem causing segfault on start-up if Default spin down delay was set to anything other than "never".

Changes from 5.0-beta4 to 5.0-beta5

  • Bug Fixes:
    • webGui: no more <defunct> processes resulting from computing share disk usage.
    • webGui: fixed issue where killing background process was killing entire webGui (emhttp).
    • webGui: properly handle 4K-aligned partitions on drives with any size HPA
    • indexer: fixed problem where files with special chars, such as ' (single quote) display with 0 size.
  • Other:
    • webGui: (big change) dump concept of "slot".
    • webGui: remove Disk Devices page and integrate device assignment into Device Status page.
    • webGui: added 'Identify' button on Array Status page, visible when array is Stopped.
    • webGui: support hot plug of hard drives when array is Stopped (limited h/w testing).
    • webGui: use smartctl program to enable SMART and get disk temperatures instead of ioctl()'s.
    • webGui: use hdparm program to query spinning status instead of ioctls()'; now all device type specific code is gone.
    • webGui: get rid of no-longer-needed 'New Slots' utility
    • mover: only log files actually moved; remove 'sync' command from end of script.
    • slack: update smartmontools to version: 5.40 2010-10-16 r3189.
    • slack: change system default locale to "en_US.UTF-8" and include those locale files in /usr/lib/locale.
    • kernel: added xHCI HCD (USB 3.0) support

Changes from 5.0-beta3 to 5.0-beta4

  • Bug Fixes:
    • fix problem recognizing certain disk devices (no longer use udev "by-path", instead use /sys/dev/block identifiers for slot identifiers).
    • slack: upgrade udev to release 165.
    • driver: eliminate code in driver to get disk model/serial/size, instead use new i/f to pass slot info to driver.
    • driver: preliminary changes to support large (>2TB) hard drives [various 32-bit vars changed to 64-bit].
    • webGui: fixed issue displaying user access list in AFP/SMB security settings
    • webGui: fixed problem where user share creation wasn't honoring included/excluded disk(s) mask
    • webGui: fixed problem with 'NewPerms' utility; also fixes for 'share_size' for share names with spaces
    • webGui: fixed issue assign NFS 'fsid' values.
    • webGui: misc. cosmetic changes

Changes from 5.0-beta2 to 5.0-beta3

  • New Features:
    • AFP now working.
    • Advanced Format drive support added (just like 4.7 except "Default partition format" is "MBR: 4K-aligned".
    • New config setting to exclude selected disks from Users Shares.
    • Added 'Log' button to webGui menu bar to dynamically 'tail' the system log.
    • Added automatic link generation of page titles to corresponding unRAID Wiki help pages.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • webGui: fix problem using 'default.png' icon for pages without an explicit icon file
    • webGui: fix CIFS settings not showing up for Flash share.
    • webGui: don't present 'delete' checkbox on share edit page if share is not empty.
    • webGui: output 'clear' and 'copy' progress to "progressFrame".
    • webGui: fix inconsistencies in add/rename user shares
    • driver: fix rare unraid driver kernel oops (protect md cmd/status interface with semaphore).
    • shares: fix bug where permissions were set on objects pointed-to by newly created symlink.
    • shares: fix problem causing SMB/Win7 to report "too many open files"
    • network: do not store HWADDR in 'config/network.cfg'
    • NFS: set explicit NFS 'fsid' assignment for disk shares, and make 'fsid' values persistent for user shares.
  • Other:
    • slack: upgrade core to 13.1
    • slack: include 'infozip' package for zip/unzip support.
    • slack: get rid of ifplugd, no more beeping when Ethernet cable is plugged in/out but a plugin could be created to do this
    • kernel: upgrade to
    • kernel: support up to 8 cores
    • kernel: add LSI MPT Fusion SAS 2.0 device driver
    • kernel: change supported hwmon components to modules instead of built-in
    • kernel: add 'asus_atk0110' kernel module
    • kernel: added Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 support (can't specify for unraid yet though).
    • kernel: added Prolific PL2303 USB Serial driver
    • samba: upgrade to 3.5.6
    • samba: answer only on port 139 (and no longer on 445). This seems to eliminate "peer connection failed" messages.
    • webGui: treat 'flash' as device on Main page
    • webGui: changed default workgroup name from "Mshome" to "WORKGROUP"
    • webGui: provide check box next to Check button letting user select Correct or Not Correct parity errors; default Check following unclean shutdown is now the Not Correct variety
    • webGui: in config controls where user enters a block count, support "MB", "GB", and "TB" suffixes
    • webGui: numerous cosmetic changes and fixes

Changes from 4.7-beta1 to 4.7

  • No changes (except version string).

Changes from 4.6 to 4.7-beta1

  • Note: Changes are summarized here, there is far more detail in the release notes, linked above.
  • New Feature:
    • Advanced Format drive support - partition 1 may now be aligned on 4K boundary (sector 64)
  • Other:
    • Added Cancel button when Clearing is in process.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix problem causing Win7 to report "too many open files"
    • Disable login on certain non-user accounts.
    • Do not save HWADDR to config/network.cfg.

Changes from 4.6-rc5 to 4.6 (final)

  • Other:
    • Change version to "4.6"

Changes from 4.6-rc4 to 4.6-rc5

  • Note: for additional details of the NFS fixes, please read the release notes.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix issue with NFS 'fsid' change which could cause crash if Share security is not 'none'.

Changes from 4.6-rc3 to 4.6-rc4

  • Note: the 'kernel oops' fix came from code for v5 and included a newer kernel with support for ext3 and CPU_FREQ. This release restores full compatibility with v4.5.6 by reverting many of those changes. Support for a newer kernel and ext3 and CPU_FREQ is in the v5 series (and v4.6-rc3).
  • Note: for additional details of the NFS fixes, please read the release notes.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Make 'Move now' button respect the 'Mover logging' setting.
  • Other:
    • More backward compatibility fixes (revert kernel to that used by 4.5.6).
    • Set explicit NFS 'fsid' assignment for disk shares, and make 'fsid' values persistent for user shares.

Changes from 4.6-rc2 to 4.6-rc3

  • Other:
    • More unRAID driver/3rd part add-on backward-compatibility fixes.
    • Update 'hdparm' to version 9.27
    • Update 'smartmontools' to version 5.39.1
    • Update 'memtest' to version 4.10 [Note: you will need to move the file 'memtest' from the zip file to the root of your Flash device]

Changes from 4.6-rc1 to 4.6-rc2

  • Note: the thread for this Release Note began as 4.6-rc1, then the thread became the Release Note for 4.6-rc2 (announced here), and the first post was edited to include both.
  • Other:
    • Restore "diskNumber" and "rdevNumber" driver vars.

Changes from 4.5.6 to 4.6-rc1

  • Note: the thread for this Release Note began as 4.6-rc1, then the thread became the Release Note for 4.6-rc2 (announced here), and the first post was edited to include both.
  • Note: this release marks the beginning of new release naming conventions, please see the Release Note for details. In accord with these release naming changes, 4.6-rc1 includes and supersedes 4.5.7 and 4.5.8, plus additional backward compatibility changes.
  • This is a maintenance release to fix a "kernel oops" (ie, crash).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix for kernel oops of the following type:
"Tower kernel: EIP is at md_cmd_proc_read+0x41/0x54 [md_mod]"
  • Other:
    • Make unRAID driver "status" command a no-op and patch '/root/mdcmd' script to properly handle a "status" command for backward compatibility.
    • Restore backward-compatibility with 4.5.6 in regards to 3rd party add-ons.

Changes from 4.5.7 to 4.5.8

  • What happened to 4.5.7? The "kernel oops" fix put into 4.5.7 broke backward compatibility with some 3rd party extensions, hence 4.5.8 has small change to fix this.
  • Other:
    • Make unRAID driver "status" command a no-op and patch '/root/mdcmd' script to properly handle a "status" command for backward compatibility.

Changes from 4.5.6 to 4.5.7

  • This is a maintenance release to fix a "kernel oops" (ie, crash).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix for kernel oops of the following type:
"Tower kernel: EIP is at md_cmd_proc_read+0x41/0x54 [md_mod]"

Changes from 5.0-beta1 to 5.0-beta2

  • NFS is now back, but AFP support is still not complete & will have to wait for next beta.
  • Important note: there are special upgrade instructions... see the Release Notes for v5.0-beta2.
  • New Features:
    • NFS now working.
    • Function on the Shares page to compute disk space used by a share. Information is cleared when you navigate to a different page.
    • Simple file browser.
    • emhttp event callout - see /usr/local/emhttp/emhttp_event
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Cache disk device handling was broken.
    • Share 'floor' value was always getting set to 0.
    • Correctly handle a user with UID 1000.
    • Allow only 'root' to be able to log in.
    • Other misc fixes.
  • Other:
    • Use 'rmmod' instead of 'modprobe -rw' to remove the unRAID driver.
    • Support 'shadow' password file (note: if 'flash' share is exported, shadow password file is still visible).
    • Changed webGui CSS 'width:775' to 'min-width:775', eliminate 'hover' high-lighting in disk and share status tables (change to alternating grey/light-grey rows) & updated banner image courtesy bubbaQ.
    • Other numerous CSS tweaks.
    • Include 'pcre' library (Perl-compatible regular expression library)
    • PHP package changes:
      • include pcre support.
      • compile with "large file support"
    • Include 'makepkg' and 'pkgtool'.
    • Use WeeboTech's modified 'pre' script.
    • Added /etc/unraid-version file.
    • Lots of tweaks to the page template system.

Changes from 4.5.6 to 5.0-beta1

  • Changes are way too numerous to list. Only minor changes in the unRAID driver itself, so data transfer integrity should be safe.
  • Please note... this is a Beta. Even though there have been no significant changes in the unRAID driver, running -beta1 on a "test" server is recommended.
  • Also note: there is a more involved update procedure... see the Release Notes for v5.0-beta1.
  • New Features:
    • New extensible webGui architecture. Pages are rendered with PHP, but other methods are possible.
    • New security model.
    • Security is now available in 'Basic' version. The feature differences between the different license key types are as follows:
Basic - support 3 array drives, no cache, no Active Directory support
Plus - support 6 array drives plus cache drive, no Active Directory support
Pro - support 21 array drives plus cache drive, Active Directory support
  • Other:
    • Beta-1 release does not have all functionality yet:
No Active Directory (actually may work, not tested).
No "official" plugin scheme designed yet (this will be done with help from Community).
No event hooks for plugins (again, will be implemented with input from Community).

Changes from 4.5.5 to 4.5.6

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed problem with restoring timezone setting upon reboot.
    • Fixed missing reiserfsprogs.

Changes from 4.5.4 to 4.5.5

  • Note: Release v4.5.5 (unRAID Server was quickly withdrawn, replaced by v4.5.6
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed 'Mover logging' control in webGui.
  • Other:
    • Added better timezone support.
    • Increase supported array width from 20 to 21 drives.
    • Add 'Are you sure?' prompt to the 'initconfig' command.
    • Added IPMI support, I2C support, and Intel 82801 support.
    • During parity-check, the first 20 sync errors are output to the system log.
    • If directory named 'extra' exists in root of Flash, invoke 'installpkg' on all files found there before invoking the 'go' script.
    • Add 'removepkg' and 'explodepkg'.
    • Added 'bzip2'.
    • Upgrade reiserfsprogs to version 3.6.21

Changes from 4.5.3 to 4.5.4

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix (another) problem where formatted data disks could appear 'unformatted' immediately following array start. This one was due to race condition where md devices could possibly not exist before management utility issues 'mount'.
  • Other:
    • Generate additional logging information during 'mount'.
    • Added additional "safeguards" in the code handling 'format' operations.
    • Removed 'Restore' button from webGui, replacing with new shell command called 'initconfig'.
    • Updated mc (midnight-commander) utility to slackware's 2010-02-06 version.

Changes from 4.5.3 to 4.5.3-TEST

  • Testing:
    • Extra messages are written to the system log when data disks are mounted.
    • The Format functionality has been disabled - the Format button will still appear on the Main page of the webGui, but it will not actually initiate a Format operation.
  • Other:
    • This is strictly a bug test release, to help with eliminating the 'Unformatted' issue. It is not meant for general use. This entry may be removed after the next official release.

Changes from 4.5.2 to 4.5.3

  • Other:
    • Update linux kernel to
    • Enable SMT (Hyperthreading) scheduler support in kernel.
    • Update linux udev subsystem to 1.41.
    • Fix problem reading USB Flash device model & serial number with some motherboards.
    • Added USB FTDI Single Port Serial Driver per user request.

Changes from 4.5.1 to 4.5.2

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix problem where device assignment via webGui could fail if device identifier is too long.
  • Other:
    • Added SCST subsystem (see in order to support Marvell 88SE63xx/64xx/68xx/94xx SAS controller-based cards.
    • Added 'COPYING' file in release that includes text of the GPL version 2.

Changes from 4.5 to 4.5.1

  • was not officially released
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix JavaScript bug checking valid settings on the Settings page.
    • Fix bug where a disk can appear 'Unformatted' immediately after array Start.
    • Increase unmount polling from 1 second to 5 seconds when Stopping the array when external extensions still have a disk or use share mounted.
  • Other:
    • Updated linux kernel to version
    • Updated Samba to version 3.4.5
    • Added Areca driver.
    • Added Marvell legacy PATA support.
    • Added USB printer support per user request.

Changes from 4.5-beta13 to 4.5 Final

  • Bug fixes:
    • If no array disks, still export at least the 'flash' share.
  • Other changes:
    • Updated version banner to read "4.5".

Changes from 4.5-beta12 to 4.5-beta13

  • Other changes:
    • Tweak disk spinup/spindown detection to notice drives spun up/down by external programs.
    • Added Spinup Group enable/disable on webGui Disk pages (default is enabled).
    • Upgrade memtest to version 4.00.
    • Added Atheros L1C GigE driver.
    • Added JMicron JMC250/260 GigE driver.
    • Added Intel 82576 Virtual Functions driver support.

Changes from 4.5-beta11 to 4.5-beta12

  • New features:
    • Added 'Spinup groups' feature.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix user share I/O freeze problem when spinning up disks.
  • Other changes:
    • Disable Samba async I/O by default. Can be re-enabled by adding these lines in 'config/smb-extra.conf':
      • aio read size = 1
      • aio write size = 1

Changes from 4.5-beta10 to 4.5-beta11

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix webGui crash caused by uninitialized md_num_stripes.
    • Restore Samba default "unix extensions = No"

Changes from 4.5-beta9 to 4.5-beta10

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix user security mode password handling.

Changes from 4.5-beta8 to 4.5-beta9

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix race condition on startup where smbd was not always started.
    • Fixed enabling Samba asynchronous I/O, which wasn't really enabled in -beta8.
    • Fixed symlink creation and handling in user share file system.
  • Other changes:
    • Upgrade samba to 3.4.3
    • Upgrade linux kernel to
    • Make unraid driver tunables (md_num_stripes, md_write_limit, md_sync_window) configurable via webGui Settings page.
    • Upgrade pkgtools in order to support slackware packages which have .txz extension.
    • Change e100 and Broadcom GigE drivers from module to built-in so that kernel includes the firmware.
    • Enable name and attribute caching in user share file system to speed up SMB large directory operations.

Changes from 4.5-beta7 to 4.5-beta8

  • New features:
    • Enable 'Cache Drive' feature with 'Plus' registration key.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed path length limitation in user share file system.
    • Fixed incorrect handling of file/directory mode and extended attributes in user share file system.
    • Fixed intermittent kernel crash with more than 19 hard drives in array.
  • Other changes:
    • Increased write performance and added three user-tunables:
      • md_num_stripes to set the stripe cache size
      • md_write_limit to set a ceiling on most number of active write stripes
      • md_sync_window to set the parity sync/check window size in stripes
    • The 'mover' script now uses 'rsync' to move files from the Cache drive to the array.
    • Upgrade linux kernel to
    • Changed linux kernel preemption model to "Voluntary Kernel Preemption".
    • Enable Samba asynchronous I/O.
    • Changed 'ide_core' from module to built-in.

Changes from 4.5-beta6 to 4.5-beta7

  • Bug fixes:
    • If 'config/style.css' is not present, then don't tell browser to load it.
    • Fixed kernel crash when number of drives > 17, now correctly supports up to 20 drives ('Pro' issue only).
  • Other changes:
    • Prevent disks appearing 'unformatted' as a result of incomplete Stop Array operation.
    • Add driver for Adaptec 2410SA PCI RAID card (untested).
    • Upgrade linux kernel to
    • Upgrade samba to 3.3.7
    • Upgrade fuse to 2.8.1

Changes from 4.5-beta5 to 4.5-beta6

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix ntp startup problem.
    • Fix bogus temperature values being displayed when disks are spun down (bug introduced in -beta5).
  • Other changes:
    • Permit spaces in Active Directory account login username. Any valid AD character should now be possible EXCEPT for the percent '%' symbol. This is because the '%' symbol is used by linux 'net' command as a separator between username and password, as in:
  net ads join -U username%password

Changes from 4.5-beta4 to 4.5-beta5

  • New features:
    • Added new share allocation method called "Fill-up".
    • Added "Min free space" setting for each share.
    • Special handling of split level explicitly set to "0".
    • The 'mover' will now delete empty directories on the cache disk.
    • After looking in the 'config' directory on the Flash for the license key file (for backward compatibility), if not found, unRAID Server OS will look in the root of the Flash. This allows easier backup/restore of the 'config' directory contents.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix wrong 'memtest' in zip file - oops.
    • Fix powerdown script.
    • Fixed problem where drives would sometimes spin down immediately following spin up.
  • Other changes:
    • Don't store AD administrator password, and don't display personal information in the system log.
    • Can now use any printable characters in password strings.
    • When disabling NCQ don't try to set queue_depth to 1 if it's already set to 0.
    • Upgrade ntp from version to 4.2.4p0 to 4.2.4p6. Also save/restore ntp drift file to/from Flash.
    • Upgrade linux kernel to
    • Support Marvell SAS driver.

Changes from 4.5-beta3 to 4.5-beta4

  • New features:
    • Increased maximum number of array devices from 16 to 20 (Pro only).
    • Pressing Power button gracefully shuts down the server.
    • Disable NCQ on all disk devices that support NCQ. This typically results in much better write throughput. A setting called "Force NCQ disabled [yes/no]" is also available in the Disk section of the Settings page of the System Management Utility to override this new behavior. That is, if this setting is 'yes', then we force NCQ off; if setting is 'no', we leave NCQ queue_depth as-is, ie, whatever linux driver sets it to.
    • Added the pc speaker driver & 'beep' command described here. Make your server sound like R2-D2!
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed syslog rotation problem - syslog was rotated, but then syslogd was not restarted.
  • Other changes:
    • Support SAS (Serially-Attached SCSI).
    • Support Initio 162x SATA chipset.
    • Support the motherboard speaker (beeping).
    • Added 'lm_sensors' package.
    • Upgrade Samba to version 3.3.3.
    • Upgrade memtest to version 2.11 in release zip file.

Changes from 4.5-beta2 to 4.5-beta3

  • Known issues:
    • The 'reiserfs' file system is built with kernel-option to enable extended attribute support. This is necessary for Active Directory. Even if file system is not mounted with extended attributes, reiserfs still creates a hidden file called '.reiserfs_priv' (used to manage extended attributes) in the volume root. This file is harmless and does not appear in any share.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed problem where all Flash files appeared to have Hidden/System/Archive all set.
    • Fixed upgrade problem where 'simple security' was not being initialized properly.
    • After formatting a new disk, the 'File system type' was not being updated.
    • If cache disk present, should allow 'use cache disk' option in creating new share.
    • Fixed problem with mover not moving.
  • Other changes:
    • Changed name of samba include file introduced in -beta2 from 'boot/config/smb.extra' to 'boot/config/smb-extra.conf'.
    • Upgrade Samba to (patched) version 3.3.2. The patch is a bug fix that prevented windows client from removing Read-only attribute (previous versions of samba 3.3.x fail with 'Access denied').
    • If security model is not Active Directory don't mount the data disks with acl & extended attributes enabled.
    • Prevent recording (ie, writing) 'last access time' when directories and files are read on the Flash.
    • Added 'lsof' command.
    • Include 'Hardware Monitoring' in the linux kernel build along with this device support:
      • AMD Athlon64/FX or Opteron temperature sensor
      • Intel Core (2) Duo/Solo temperature sensor
      • ITE IT87xx and compatibles
      • Winbond W83627HF, W83627THF, W83637HF, W83687THF, W83697HF
      • Winbond W83627EHF/DHG

Changes from 4.4.2 to 4.5-beta2

  • New features:
    • Support Active Directory Service (ADS). This lets an unRAID server join an Active Directory (AD) domain.
    • System Management Utility will now use a CSS style sheet file on the Flash (config/style.css) if present.
    • May now read syslog directly via browser by referencing 'http://tower/log/syslog' (substitute 'tower' with your server name). Actually any 'file' in the /var/log directory can be read via 'http://tower/log/file'.
    • May now read arbitrary files on disk and user shares via http protocol by referencing URL 'http://tower/share/<diskN>/...' or 'http://tower/share/user/<sharename>/...' (substitute 'tower' with your server name).
    • Samba configuration now 'includes' the file on the Flash 'config/smb.extra' if present. This is included at the end of the 'global' section just before the share definitions. This may be used to customize the Samba configuration.
    • Added control to enable/disable 'mover' logging.
  • Bug fixes:
    • With user mode security enabled, would not accept 'root' share login until password was set at least once.
    • Fixed problem in 'mover' script where mover would attempt to move objects in a top-level directory staring with a '.' character. These would all fail and cause excessive syslog messages.
    • Fixed bug in 'logrotate' which would prevent syslog from rotating.
  • Other changes:
    • Part of adding AD support: Removed "User security [enabled/disabled]" control from Shares page, and added "Share security [Simple/User Level/Active Directory]" control to Settings page:
      • unRAID 'Basic' (free version) supports only 'Simple' share security model;
      • unRAID 'Plus' supports 'Simple' and 'User Level' share security models only;
      • unRAID 'Pro' supports all share security models ('Simple', 'User Level', and 'Active Directory').
    • Removed System Management Utility control for setting SMB ports; this can be done via 'config/smb.extra' if desired.
    • Change spin-down logic to account for external programs spinning drives up/down.
    • Per user request, added '/usr/lib/'
    • Upgraded to linux kernel
    • Upgraded to samba 3.3.0.

Changes from 4.4.1 to 4.4.2

  • Bug fix:
    • Fix problem where windows reports "no network provider accepted the given network" when accessing user shares with user level security enabled. [fixed by reverting back to Samba version 3.2.3.]

Changes from 4.4 and 4.5-beta1 to 4.4.1

  • New feature:
    • Added NFS share export controls.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed manual DNS Server IP address entry when setting "Obtain IP Address Automatically" is set to "yes".
    • Fixed problem introduced in 4.4 where custom timezone is incorrect following boot.
    • Fixed problem introduced in 4.4 which caused split-level to work incorrectly.
    • Changed 'pseudo permissions' for the Flash device (hopefully got it right this time).

Changes from 4.4 to 4.5-beta1

  • New feature:
    • Added NFS share export controls.
  • Bug fix:
    • Changed 'pseudo permissions' for the Flash device (hopefully got it right this time).

Changes from 4.4-beta2 to 4.4 (final)

  • New features:
    • Added per-disk spindown controls.
    • Share 'split-level' may now be a string which marks 'constrained' directories.
    • Experimental PAE support (support memory up to 64GB).
  • Improvements:
    • Upgrade to linux kernel
    • Upgrade to samba 3.2.3.
    • Upgrade to Slackware 12.1
    • Upgrade memtest86+ to version 2.01. Note in addition to the usual upgrade instructions below, you must also copy 'memtest' from this release to the root of your flash.
    • Restore driver logging of disk 'import' messages to allow for better debugging.
    • Changed 'pseudo permissions' for the Flash device.
    • Get rid of annoying "kernel time sync status change" messages generated by ntpd.
  • Other:
    • Get rid of smbfs, use CIFS instead.
    • Auto-generate '/etc/hosts' file to add server's hostname as additional alias for 'localhost'.
    • Include 'wins' as last step in tcp hostname resolution.
    • Added 'wget' package.

Changes from 4.4-beta1 to 4.4-beta2

  • Improvement: added more spin-down delay settings (15, 30, 45 minutes, 6, 7, 8, 9 hours) and changed method of disk spin-down/spin-up:
    • No longer use disk's internal spin-down timer; instead monitor I/O directly.
    • A spun down drive will spin-up on demand when it recieves an I/O command (this is unchanged).
    • The 'Spin Up' button in the System Management Ultility now uses a SMART command to spin up the disks.
  • Bug fix: if a drive took longer than 10 seconds to spin up, then a driver timeout error and subsequent SATA channel reset would appear in the system log. [fix is to increase scsi_execute() timeout (from 10 to 30 sec) in drivers/ata/libata-scsi.c]
  • Bug fix: the 'Clear Statistics' button will now also clear the Cache Drive statistics.
  • Bug fix: fixed crash which could occur if multiple disks fail in the same stripe simultaneously.
  • Improvement: upgrade smartmontools package to version 5.38.

Changes from 4.3.3 to 4.4-beta1

  • New feature: support SMP (multi-core processors).
  • Improvement: read performance enhancements.
  • Improvement: update to linux kernel
  • Bug fix: fixed race condition in network initialization which would sometimes result in DHCP failure to get IP address.

Changes from 4.3.2 to 4.3.3

  • Bug fix: fixed problem where certain hard drives would be incorrectly seen as "missing".
  • Improvement: changed hard drive spin-up algorithm in effort to make it more reliable.

Changes from 4.3.1 to 4.3.2

  • Bug fix: if 16 or more disks connected, depending on the disks, system could improperly identify one or more disks.
  • Bug fix: transmit correct hostname to dhcp server.
  • Bug fix: fix problem in user share file system with 'chown' command.
  • Improvement: provided ability to manually define up to 3 DNS Servers when DHCP is not being used.
  • Improvement: prevent mover from moving files in use.
  • Improvement: added parallel port support.
  • Improvement: added SiS 900 ethernet driver. Also supports SiS 7016 and SiS 540/630 chipsets.

Changes from 4.3 to 4.3.1

  • Bug fix: fix yet another "clear new disks" bug.

Changes from 4.3-beta6 to 4.3 (final)

  • Bug fix: correct bug introduced in 4.3-beta4 which could cause New disks added to an existing array to not be cleared(!).
  • Improvement: added NTP (Network Time Protocol) package.
  • Improvement: fixed possible shutdown/reboot if user refreshes browser after previous shutdown/reboot.
  • Improvement: subtle change in 'split-level' value 0. A value of 0 is now interpreted as "split permissible at all levels".
  • Bug fix: fix problem if user shares enabled before first disk is formatted, user shares would not show up unless stop/start array executed.
  • Bug fix: fix problem where new disks added to an existing array were not sent proper spin-down time delay.
  • Bug fix: restored missing 'ethtool', 'dosfsck', and 'compress/uncompress' commands.
  • Bug fix: fix problem with ftp being unable to 'cd' into directories.
  • Bug fix: fix problem where mover 'mv' error messages were not getting into syslog.
  • Improvement: added the 'dumb' terminal terminfo file.

Changes from 4.3-beta5 to 4.3-beta6

  • Improvement: update to latest Intel network driver (
  • Bug Fix: Correct problem enabling SMART before reading disk temperatures.
  • Bug Fix: Fix crash that may occur if there is a large number of user shares.

Changes from 4.3-beta4 to 4.3-beta5

  • Bug Fix: Fix 'hang' that may occur starting syslogd.
  • Improvement: Add 'sync' as last step in 'mover' script

Changes from 4.3-beta3 to 4.3-beta4

  • New feature: cache disk support.
  • Improvement: enable SMART before reading disk temperature.
  • Improvement: upgrade from linux kernel to (refer to
  • Improvement: upgrade from Samba 3.0.28 to Samba 3.0.28a (addresses some Vista issues, refer to
  • Improvement: added back a few more missing libraries needed for certain user customizations.
  • Bug Fix: Support normal expansion of array when Parity is not installed.

Changes from 4.3-beta2 to 4.3-beta3

  • Bug fix: Turn off user share file system debugging output accidentally left on - doh!

Changes from 4.3-beta1 to 4.3-beta2

  • Bug fix: Restore missing 'installpkg' script.
  • Bug fix: Fixed possible user share crash if top-level disk directories contain ordinary files.
  • Bug fix: Fixed warning message generated by 'find' when searching user shares.
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem reporting correct hostname to DHCP server.

Changes from 4.2.4 to 4.3-beta1

  • Improvement: With user shares enabled, directories/files created directly in a disk share will show up immediately in the correct user share.
  • Improvement: Included 'vsftpd' server.
  • Improvement: Upgrade to linux kernel
  • Improvement: Enable kernel support of up to 4GB of memory.

Changes from 4.2.3 to 4.2.4

  • Bug Fix: fixed directory delete problem with user shares

Changes from 4.2.2 to 4.2.3

  • Bug Fix: fixed directory rename problem with user shares
  • Bug Fix: get rid of auth & comsat services from inetd.conf.

Changes from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2

  • Improvement: include /usr/src/linux/.config file used to build the kernel.
  • Improvement: include ULi SATA support
  • Bug Fix: fixed problem with "swap-disable" configuration not being recognized.

Changes from 4.2 to 4.2.1

  • Bug Fix: use Samba version 3.0.26a (fixes issue with Vista)

Changes from 4.2-beta4 to 4.2

  • Bug Fix: fixed SMU password-prompting broken in 4.2-beta4.
  • Misc: restrict User level security feature to Plus and Pro versions only.

Changes from 4.2-beta3 to 4.2-beta4

  • Bug Fix: initial create of a User share was ignoring configured parameters, causing the share to be created using "High-water" method with null Included/Excluded strings.
  • Bug Fix: if a share Export mode was set to "Export read/write, hidden", then it would indeed be exported as read/write, hidden, but the System Management Utility would show it's setting as "Don't export".
  • Bug Fix: if the Time zone was set to something other than "(custom)", the time zone abbreviation was displayed wrong.
  • Improvement: increased some maximum sizes:
    • for a Share name: 80 characters (Windows maximum permitted)
    • for a Share comment: 256 characters (Windows maximum permitted)
    • Included disks, Excluded disks: 256 characters
    • for Exceptions, Valid users, Invalid users: 256 characters
  • Note that the total length of a User share file path can not exceed 240 characters.
  • Improvement: now possible to specify a range of disks in Included disks and Excluded disks. For example:
 "disk1-4, disk6, disk10-11"
  • Improvement: decoupled root login from User share security mode. Now if the root password is not blank, then we prompt user for password when opening System Management Utility web page, if root password is blank, then there will be no password prompt. Regardless, telnet login will prompt for password, which can be blank. For both SMU and telnet, only the user 'root' can log in.
  • Improvement: added Marvell SATA driver

Changes from 4.2-beta2 to 4.2-beta3

  • Improvement: changed method for spinning up drives - should be more reliable.
  • Improvement: added latest Realtek r8168 driver version 8.003.00. This is the Linux device driver released for RealTek RTL8168B/8111B and RTL8168C/8111C, Gigabit Ethernet controllers with PCI-Express interface.

Changes from 4.2-beta1 to 4.2-beta2

  • Bug Fix: don't create User shares from ordinary files found in the root of each disk.
  • Bug Fix: correct problem where Windows would complain about "directory not found" when deleting a directory in a User share.
  • Bug Fix: do not any user except 'root' log in to the console or telnet.

Changes from 4.1 to 4.2-beta1

  • Improvement: added users and passwords support
  • Improvement: full User Share support
  • Improvement: added buttons to the Main page to immediately spin up or spin down all the hard drives. Also moved "Clear Disk Statistics" button to the Main page.
  • Bug fix: Fixed code assertion bug handling disk errors.
  • Misc: upgrade to linux kernel.
  • Misc: upgrade to Samba 3.0.25b. Note: after upgrading to this version of Samba, some users have reported that even though they can see their shares, Windows reports that the share is not accessible. This can be remedied by re-booting your Windows PC.
  • Misc: added "-p port" option to emhttp executable to change the port that the System Management Utility listens to from the default '80'.
  • Misc: added a boot menu with option to start "Memtest86+" - an open source x86 system RAM test suite. Refer to

Changes from 4.0-beta9 to 4.0-beta10

  • Improvement: added VIA 10/100 Ethernet NIC support.
  • Improvement: added specialized IDE driver for SiSxxx chipset to ensure (U)DMA support.
  • Bug fix: correct bug preventing automatic loading of Intel Pro/100 driver.
  • Bug fix: correct owner/group of /var/spool/at* directories so that atd (at-daemon) can start properly.
  • Bug fix: removed extraneous debug messages.
  • Bug fix: added back 'xarg' command.

Changes from 4.0-beta8 to 4.0-beta9

  • Bug fix: restored some network drivers which didn't get built into -beta8.
  • Bug fix: fix problem where Intel Pro/100 (Fast Ethernet) wouldn't load automatically.

Changes from 4.0-beta7 to 4.0-beta8

  • Bug fix: fixed device discovery problems.
  • Bug fix: fixed condition where: a disabled disk that was marked 'enabled' again, but parity-sync (rebuild) was interrupted/canceled, disk could not be marked 'disabled' again if it was removed. Also cleaned up text describing actions system takes when starting array.
  • Bug fix: removed extraneous debug messages introduced in 4.0-beta5.

Changes from 4.0-beta6 to 4.0-beta7

  • Bug fix: remove "native" r8169 Realtek driver which conflicts with manufacturer's r1000 driver added in -beta6.
  • Bug fix: correct problem where formatted disks may appear 'unformatted' when array is started.

Changes from 4.0-beta5 to 4.0-beta6

  • Improvement: added Realtek RTL8111B / RTL8168B / RTL8111 / RTL8168 / RTL8111C driver version 1.05.

Changes from 4.0-beta4 to 4.0-beta5

  • Improvement: installed the 'at' command and associated 'atd' daemon (execute commands at a specified time and date).
  • Bug fix: added patch to eliminate "atkbd.c: spurious ACK on isa0060/serio0..." messages.
  • Bug fix: restored 'find' command inadvertently removed in -beta3.
  • Bug fix: added 'stop' command present in pre-4.0 releases.

Changes from 4.0-beta3 to 4.0-beta4

  • Added Attansic L1 GigE driver version 2.0.7.

Changes from 4.0-beta2 to 4.0-beta3

  • Improvement: upgrade Samba to 3.0.24. This release of Samba includes better support for Vista.
  • Improvement: upgrade Intel Pro/1000 driver to latest release (7.4.27).
  • Improvement: replace "stock" Marvell driver with newer skge/sky2 drivers.

Changes from 4.0-beta1 to 4.0-beta2

  • Improvement: added more network drivers:
    • D-Link DL2000-based GigE adapters (eg, DGE-550T)
    • National Semiconductor DP83820 series (eg, D-Link DGE-500T)
    • SIS 190/191
    • VIA "Velocity"
  • Improvement: added floppy support.
  • Bug fix: the GUID formation for some Flash models is not generated correctly.
  • Bug fix: array would not start if disabled disk was not physically present.

Changes from 3.1-beta2 to 4.0-beta1

  • Improvement: move to linux 2.6.20 kernel. The linux 2.6 kernel offers several advantages over linux 2.4 kernel used in previous unRAID Server releases:
    • better hardware compatibility, especially with newer hardware
    • many enhancements and bug fixes in the disk i/o code
    • more opportunities for performance tuning
  • Improvement: permit custom timezone. You can select the appropriate timezone file from our website and then download to the 'config' directory on your Flash. The main purpose of this feature is to implement proper Daylight Savings Time adjustments.
  • Improvement: support up to 14 hard drives.

Changes from 3.0-beta5 to 3.0 (final)

  • Improvement: can now use USB keyboard
  • Improvement: added rsync executable
  • Improvement: upgrade Intel PRO/1000 driver to version 7.2.7-NAPI
  • Bug Fix: fixed problem where quickly browsing the Management Utility could cause it to "lock up".

Changes from 3.0-beta4 to 3.0-beta5

  • Improvement: unRAID driver change to improve interrupt handling.

Changes from 3.0-beta3 to 3.0-beta4

  • Improvement: messages previously sent only to console are now sent to syslog.
  • Improvement: Management Utility Settings page:
    • changed wording of "Master browser" to "Local master" to agree with corresponding Samba config variable.
    • added "SMB ports" setting to permit Samba to answer to ports 445 and 139, or just 139. Setting this to just port 139 may solve problem of syslog filling up with superfluous "connection reset by peer" messages.
  • Bug fix: Management Utility Devices page:
    • if device is missing, also display device assignment string
  • Change: revert to pre-3.0 method of interrupt handling (non-apci). This may solve issues related to IDE IRQ timeouts.

Changes from 3.0-beta2 to 3.0-beta3

  • Improvement: added support for the following SATA chipsets:
    • nvidia
    • via
    • sis
    • vitesse

Changes from 3.0-beta1 to 3.0-beta2

  • Improvement: increased both Read and Write performance. Give read streams priority over write streams.
  • Improvement: added support for Realtek GigE and Broadcom GigE.
  • Improvement: added "Flash vendor" and "Flash Model" to Devices page.
  • Improvement: simplify hard drive assignment.
  • Bug Fix: prevent superfluous logging messages from filling up syslog.
  • Bug Fix: fix intermittent problem where configuration data in config/super.dat could get trashed if user types 'poweroff' from a telnet window.
  • Bug Fix: fixed problem where sometimes SATA drivers wouldn't get loaded automatically.
  • Bug Fix: fixed problem where sometimes system would think drives are spun-down, when actually they are spun-up.

Changes from 2.060315 to 2.060324

  • Improvement: The server will now recognize cases where the Ethernet cable is plugged and unplugged, and set up the network interface appropriately. Previously, if the server was booted without the Ethernet cable plugged in, it's network interface would not be initialized (you had to reset the server after plugging in the cable).
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem with setting the timezone.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem causing numerous "sys_path_to_bdev failed in sysquotas.c" syslog messages.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem introduced in 2.060315 where certain Windows programs experienced severe slowdown writing to shares.
  • Known Issues
    • When the array is stopped, there is a button on the Management Utility to re-boot the system. After clicking this button the unRAID server will reboot and the Management Utility will display the message "Wait...". The Management Utility will not automatically reconnect to the server, however. After the server has been rebooted, you can manually reconnect by clicking the browser's Refresh button.
    • SATA support has the following restrictions:
      • 1. Can not read SATA hard drive temperatures.
      • 2. Can not spin down SATA hard drives.
      • 3. Supports only Intel on-board SATA controllers, and Promise SATA II-150 TX4.
      • 4. System occasionally will "hang" writing the Master Boot Record of new SATA disks. Upon manual reset, the disk MBR is correctly written and you can proceed.

Changes from 1.050930 to 2.060315

  • New Feature: SATA support. Upgraded to Linux kernel 2.4.31 for added SATA stability. Supports Intel SATA (ata_piix module) and Promise SATAII150-TX4 (sata_promise module).
  • New Feature: Added timezone support.
  • Improvement: Incorporate latest Marvell Yukon Gig Ethernet driver.
  • Improvement: Enable RX Polling (NAPI) in both Intel PRO/1000 and Marvell Yukon Gig Ethernet drivers.
  • Improvement: Numerous changes to the Management Utility to improve responsiveness.
  • Improvement: Improved parity-sync performance.
  • Improvement: Disk statistics are now cleared each reset.
  • Improvement: For Intel D865GLCLK motherboard BIOS, no longer necessary to set Advanced/Drive Configuration to [Legacy] (it can be set to either [Legacy] or [Enhanced] - latter needed to access on-board SATA). Note that if you want to re-boot version 1.050930 firmware, however, you must ensure this is set to [Legacy].
  • Bug Fix: Fixed interoperability problem with Firefox 1.5 where clicking a button would cause the window to continually refresh.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem where 'System' and 'Hidden' bits were not working correctly on shared files.
  • Bug Fix: Correct SO_RCVBUF typo in smb.conf.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem recognizing "factory-cleared" status on certain new disks.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem which caused Management Utility to crash if a disk is disabled and exactly 1 other disk is missing or wrong.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed problem where system still "remembered" removed disabled disk identity.
  • Other: Added missing license.txt file and included source code of modified GPL files.
  • Other: Starting with this release, the 'go' script has been moved from the root directory of the Flash to the system firmware directory, i.e., either 'system\current' or 'system\previous'. If you made any customizations to the 'go' script you will need to edit the new 'go' script and place your changes there. You can leave the old 'go' script on the Flash if you want, in case you ever boot version 1.050930 again.
  • Note: The firmware directory also contains a 'go-sata' script. This can serve as a template for creating your own 'go' script which sets up SATA drives. Refer to the Support page on our website for more information about SATA support in this release.