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Announcement! A new method for reporting and tracking issues has been set up in the new forum board unRAID OS 5.x Issue List. Please use that instead!

This list is intended only for unRAID OS version 5.x. Before adding any issue to this list, please always upgrade to the latest release and see if the issue is still present.

If you are adding or editing an issue, in the summary/description text area, use hypertext syntax (eg. <a href="url_here">url_name</a>, <br>, <b></b>, etc).

*** WARNING! Please do not touch the Archive buttons! ***
Unfortunately, there is no way to unarchive issues, so they disappear! You can view any archived issues by changing Any to Archived in the Filter box then clicking the Apply button.

<issues project="unRaid OS" />

Using IssueTracker extension: