Install Twonky Media server

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This explains how to do the initial setup of Twonkymedia server.

  1. Download the Linux x86 (manual install) file, currently named "" from
  2. Unzip
  3. Copy all files (keeping the directory structure) onto the flashdrive, i.e. /tower/flash/twonkyvision
  4. In the end of the GO script on the flash,\\Tower\flash\config, add the line: /boot/twonkymedia/twonkymedia
  5. Reboot the server / or telnet and issue the command: /boot/twonkymedia/twonkymedia

View your media using the Twonky Media Browser: http://tower:9000 The media browser is fairly primitive, but a good test before setting up your Vista media player, Xbox og Nero Home.

To configure, press the config icon, or use: http://tower:9000/configpage/index.htm

To make your configuration changes (including any license key you enter) stick:

  1. Copy the twonkymedia-server.ini file from /var/twonkymedia to the Twonky folder on your flash drive
  2. Edit your go script to launch Twonky with the following command: /boot/twonkymedia/twonkymedia -inifile /boot/twonkymedia/twonkymedia-server.ini