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This page was written for unRAID v5. For v6, use Files on v6 boot drive instead.

This is a list of files that may be found on the typical unRAID flash drive, hopefully with a description and appropriate notes.

Under construction, please feel free to edit, add, enhance, reformat ...

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System folders

  • /config
    • contains all of the unRAID configuration and settings
    • this (including the shares subfolder) is all that needs to be regularly backed up
  • /config/shares
    • contains the individual settings for each User Share, in their own config file (eg. Movies.cfg, Videos.cfg)
    • not part of the initial installation, but is created on first run

System files


  • bzroot - unRAID!; one of the only 2 files that need to be replaced to upgrade unRAID
  • bzimage - initial unRAID loader; one of the only 2 files that need to be replaced to upgrade unRAID
  • memtest - the standard Memtest86 executable; currently v5.01
  • menu.c32 - the initial boot menu
  • syslinux.cfg - initial boot menu configuration
  • license.txt - Lime Technology EULA for unRAID
  • readme.txt - change log
  • config/go - user-editable startup file, sort of like autoexec.bat; the primary place to add lines to start your own apps and modify system settings
  • config/disk.cfg
  • config/ident.cfg
  • config/network.cfg
  • config/share.cfg


  • config/super.dat - File used by unRAID to track the status of drives that are assigned to the array.
  • config/super.old
  • config/passwd
  • config/smbpasswd
  • config/secrets
  • config/stop - User supplied script file to performs system closedown actions (complement to config/go). Not automatically created.
  • drift - created by ntpd; contains the calculated clock drift value for a particular system
  • config/shares/*.cfg


  • ldlinux.sys - created by syslinux when preparing the flash drive for booting
  • config/Pro.key - key file issued directly by Lime Technology that licenses use of unRAID Pro; received by email and then copied to the /config folder
  • config/Plus.key - key file issued directly by Lime Technology that licenses use of unRAID Plus; received by email and then copied to the /config folder; if no key file in config folder, then user is only licensed to run the free version of unRAID
  • config/timezone - downloaded from Lime Tech; should be the appropriate file for your time zone, renamed to timezone

User folders

  • /config/plugins - unRAID plugins that are loaded automatically on boot (sabnzbd, sickbeard, SimpleFeatures v1.05, etc)
  • /packages - stores packages required by installed plugins (python, curl, etc)
  • /extra - Slackware .tgz packages that are installed automatically on boot (screen, nano, plex, etc)
  • /plugins - unRAID system plugins that are loaded automatically on boot (SimpleFeatures v1.11, etc)
  • /logs - may contain syslogs, SMART logs, etc
  • /custom - may contain addon files
  • /unmenu - contains UnMENU files

User files

unRAID Addons

Note: the following files may be in the root, or may be in another folder containing startup tools and addons

  • cache_dirs
  • powerdown
  • uu
  • etc


  • syslog.txt (or syslog or some variation of syslog2010-01-01.txt, etc)
  • bzroot442 & bzimage442 - user-renamed UnRAID system files for a previous version, in this case v4.4.2
  • etc (would like to see more of the possible files that could be found on various user's flash drives, along with a note explaining them or indicating the associated tool or plugin or app)

Backing up the unRAID flash drive

It is recommended to always keep your unRAID flash drive backed up. Once in awhile, you should make a copy of all files and folders to an external drive. For daily backups, just copy the /config folder, with its files and folders. The /config folder contains all of your settings and unRAID configuration. Ideally this backup should be made with the array stopped.

Upgrading unRAID

To upgrade unRAID, the only 2 files that usually need to be extracted and copied to the flash drive are bzimage and bzroot. Occasionally, memtest is upgraded, and therefore should also be copied to the flash drive. Full instructions are always included in the release notes with each upgrade.