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If you are wanting to add e-mail notification to your server you are going to need something like the unraid_notify script. Please see the thread linked to the right for install instructions.

  • Note: The script can query the unRAID array and get temperatures for the drives. This requires a library to be added to the server as it was not included in the 4.4.x releases of unRAID. Probably the easiest way to install this package and get it to reinstall on every boot of the server is to us unMENU. IF you do not want to install unMENU then follow the directions below for just installing the required library.

To fix the smartctl program all you need to do is install the missing library it needs. It can be downloaded from: here

Once downloaded, and saved as cxxlibs-6.0.8-i486-4.tgz you can install it by changing to the directory where you downloaded it (I have all my downloaded packages in the /boot/packages directory) and typing:

 installpkg cxxlibs-6.0.8-i486-4.tgz

Once it is installed, the smartctl program will work until you reboot, at which time you will need to re-install it once more.

If more information is needed search the unRAID forums for email notif